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With Fall Seasons Fast Approaching, Check Out this Antelope Crossbow Hunt to Get Fired Up

Follow along with Keith Warren as his antelope crossbow hunt takes an unexpected turn.

Out west one of the first seasons to open is antelope season. With the summer sun still burning high in the sky many westerners and visitors will comb the plains searching for the speed demons otherwise known as antelope. If you are fortunate enough to have a tag in your pocket, you'll know it is a great time of year to be back on the hunt and it can provide some serious excitement. As with most species the archery season generally opens before rifle season for antelope. Also, a few western states are crossbow friendly and allow crossbow hunters to hunt in the archery season. One hunter fortunate enough to be on the high plains during antelope season a few years ago was Keith Warren. Check out this video of Keith Warren's antelope crossbow hunt in the Wyoming prairie. One thing is for sure, if you are planning an antelope crossbow hunt, I wouldn't bet on as short a hunt as Keith had. This hunt is definitely the exception to the rule. Also, make sure you have good blind clearance before the shot. Keith did happen to make a great killing shot even with the interference of the blind. It looks like Keith was packing the Stryker Solution LS crossbow with him on this hunt. This compound crossbow is super efficient and hits arrow speeds of over 390 feet per second. While many folks choose to hunt antelope from a blind such as Keith did, it can often be a marathon affair. Like all animals, antelope need a drink everyday. This means camping out on water is a good plan. However, finding a large area without water can be difficult in ranch country. With cattle tanks dotting the landscape there may be more water around than you would have guessed. If you would like to hunt antelope over water from a ground blind and are a non-resident, you'd probably be best off looking to go the guided route. Another option other than blind hunting is to spot and stalk these critters. The best things about antelope are the open country they live in and the fact they are active during the day time. Combine those two factors and you'll find antelope hunting can be an all day affair with multiple stalks possible. It won't be an easy task though. Antelope live in wide open country and have some of the best eyes in the animal kingdom. Also, as with all spot and stalk hunts, you'll generally have to stalk a group, which is much more difficult. If you can find a buck off by himself in country that affords some rolling landscape, you might just be able to get in close enough for a shot. Hopefully this article finds you preparing for an antelope crossbow hunt or archery hunt. If you're lucky like Keith Warren, you'll have a nice buck antelope to take home with you. If not hopefully you'll still enjoy the open expanse of out country's western prairie.

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