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Groundbreaking Sleekness: The Ravin R26 and Ravin R29 Crossbows

If you’re a lover of sleek, sophisticated design, you’ll absolutely rave over the Ravin R26 crossbow and the Ravin R29 Crossbow. These sci-fi crossbow models are futuristic in their looks and incredibly satisfying in their speed and power.

Though we often think of streamlined design and firing strength as a bit of a tradeoff, that’s simply not the case for these new Ravin models. They are built to combine the latest technology and punishing energy in a tight, neatly packed body.

Why are these crossbows the current dream of all serious archers? Let’s take a look at their specs!

Ravin R26 Crossbow— Compact Design

The R26 is one of the most remarkable new-gen crossbows. It’s raised the bar for intelligent, easy to use design. Why is it so innovative? Well, it’s the absolute king in terms of control.

It’s the absolute most compact and lightweight crossbow on the market: an achievement that sets it apart from every other product. This one truly is the best, if you’re looking for something manageable and sleek as the shadow of a hunting wild beast.

The weight of the Ravin R26 is only 6.5 pounds— oh so very light! It’s just 26 inches long and a groundbreaking 5.75 inches wide when at full draw. Can you see why it’s such a trailblazing bow?

This uber-sleek design doesn’t take away from its firing power, though! Yes, at 400 FPS (feet per second) and a power stroke of 9.5 inches, it’s not the fastest crossbow out there. But it’s still, if you look at the big picture, on the top of the food chain. And, honestly, with such a sleek design plus very good potency, the Ravin R26 Crossbow is nothing to scoff at!

Easy to handle and easy to cock, the R26 only needs 12 pounds of cocking force. Yes, you read that correctly. It also features Frictionless FlightTM system and HeliCoil ™ tech, both of which ultra-maximize your accuracy and speed.

This bow comes with its pack of six awesome Ravin arrows, a 3-arrow quiver, field tips, and a draw handle for easy shooting. The fully assembled crossbow also has a specialised illuminated scope and comes in Predator Dusk Camo color.

Ravin R29 Crossbow— Power and Smoothness

More powerful than the Ravin R26, this wild animal of a crossbow could be compared to a panther: it seamlessly combines a streamlined structure with incredible kinetic energy.

At only 29 inches in length and 6 inches in width, the Ravin R29 Crossbow is fairly compact. Its weight is only 6.75 pounds, making it comfortable and easily maneuverable in tight situations.

Now onto the best part: this crossbow features an insane, punishing 430 FPS (feet per second) when delivering arrows. Kinetic energy? 164-foot pounds. The power stroke of this bad baby is of 12.5 inches, guaranteeing its full strength.

Plus, it features the same advanced Frictionless FlightTM system and HeliCoil™ as the R26. And let’s not forget its special Track Trigger for consistent arrow accuracy or the easy-to-use 12-pound cocking system.

The R29 comes with its arrows, quiver, and field tips; as well as a draw handle and illuminated scope. Just like the Ravin R26 Crossbow, this one also comes in the exclusive (and cool) Predator Dusk Camo color.

This crossbow is a lethal dream come true!

How are they different from last year’s models?

If you’re going to invest in a new, state-of-the-art crossbow, of course, you want to make sure it’s worth it. And, besides from knowing the ambitious (and, honestly, mindblowing) specs of the Ravin R29 and Ravin R26 Crossbows, you want to understand just how they’re different from last year’s models.

In all truth, the previous models (the Ravin R10 and the Ravin R20 Crossbow), are still amazing and useful and fun to shoot. But the new models are in a league all their own!

How? The Ravin R29 manages to be 5.5 inches shorter in length than its direct forefather, the R20 (take that, grandpa!), as well as 4.5 inches narrower, and is still incredibly powerful. Ah, the sweet achievements of design… Also, it’s 0.6 pounds lighter (making it more manageable), maintaining the same kinetic energy and arrow speed.

On the other hand, the Ravin R26 raises the bar for compact design— that’s already clear! But it’s even more spectacular when we think of its specs as compared to the R20 or, better, the R10. The R10 was 33 inches long, the R26 is 26; the R10 weighed 6.8 pounds, the R26 only 6.5. While the R10 fired at 400 FPS from an 11-inches power stroke, the R26 keeps the same FPS speed, reducing the power stroke to 9.5 inches. Same potency, a lot easier to handle!

Both the Ravin R26 Crossbow and the Ravin R29 Crossbow are even more advanced and more spectacularly designed. They take the baseline established by the R10 and R20 and take it to unexplored highs! You really have to try these to know just how comfortable and innovative they are.

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