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Crossbow and Archery Bow Reviews, How-to Articles, Tips and Tricks, and Buyers' Guides

Seige 55 lbs Compound Bow

Crossbow and Archery Bow Reviews, How-to Articles, Tips and Tricks, and Buyers' Guides

The more you Know - The sport of bow hunting and the sport of archery are two very subjective sports. The best for one person may not be the best for another because of the fact that everyone is different. Below you will find many of the common questions that we have received throughout the years and our answers to them. These include:
  • How-to Articles: to help you get started in the right direction, or fix many common issues
  • Tips and Tricks: to help you get the upper edge on your competition
  • Buyers Guides: to make sure that you end up with the new product that you want
  • Product Reviews: of the many items that we test in our warehouse at

This list is not exhaustive and will continue to grow as we continue to expand. If there is something that you would like to have explained or is there is something that you feel we may have missed, feel free to shoot us an email at

Articles and Guides from

6 Steps for Selecting the Correct Arrows

To simplify the process you can follow these 6 straightforward steps for selecting correct arrows for your bow...[ Read More ]

Choosing the Right Camo Netting as Blind in Hunting

If you want to be an effective hunter, you have to seriously consider using camo netting as blind. It is essential to be “dressed for success” in camouflage if you want to bring home the prized catch....[ Read More ]


Single Pin vs. Multi Pin Sights: Buying Guide for a New Bow Sight

If you are looking to purchase a new sight for your bow, and are comparing single pin vs. multi pin sights, this brief guide might help you in your decision...[ Read More ]

How to String a Recurve Bow

Figuring out how to string a recurve bow when you are new to the sport can be frustrating. A quick search on Google will get you a handful of answers...[ Read More ]

Are Crossbows and Vertical Bows Different

New archers and experienced hunters that have this common misconception that crossbows and vertical bows are drastically different from one another. There is some truth to the fact that they are different from each other, but it is not by as much as these people would lead you to believe. There is the vertical bow that is shot similar to how Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen would shoot their bows. Then you have the crossbow that is shot, as you would see on an episode of the Walking Dead. At first glance, they look more different then they really are... [Read More ]


Nothing Compares to Morrell Targets

Many of the compound bows on the market are shooting arrows at 300 feet per second and beyond. When you consider this, it is important that you understand what type of target you should be using. I prefer to use the various different versions that Morrell Targets makes because of everything that they have to offer... [Read More ]


Crossbow Broadheads Buyer's Guide

More outdoor enthusiasts are starting to use the crossbow for hunting because of its power that can be likened to that of a gun plus its unmatched accuracy that is similar to that of a bow. If you are just starting with your hunting hobby, this is the best place to get tips on finding the best broadheads for your weapon....[Read More ]


10 Bowfishing Accessories You Must Have

Bowfishing is a more fun way to catch fish. The fisher is more active. He does not just sit there. He looks around and finds a fish to catch. He aims and shoots. If you want to try bow fishing, you will need bow, arrows and reel. It is better if you will have a spare arrow and reel. There are also plenty of accessories that you could buy... [Read More ] 

America’s Top Crossbow Manufacturers: a Brief Overview

Crossbows are the weapon of choice for the outdoorsmen who want the convenience and the power of a pistol and the excitement of bow hunting. It isn't as restricted and regulated as guns (although there are strict regulations for hunting). It is also a fairly lucrative niche, what with the said hunting season and target competitions held all over the country. Crossbows are generally expensive though; the tactical ones can cost up to $1,600. However, you can always find beginner models for as low $50. Here are some of the world's well-known crossbow makers, producing gear for the beginners, expert marksmen and everything in between. [Read More ]

US Crossbow Hunting Regulation

Below is a summary of crossbow hunting regulations in the United States. This page is intended as a quick reference, and as such there may be details about regulations in your state that are not mentioned here (e.g. are scopes legal? can I use a crank? etcetera). Regulations can change frequently from state to state. Please contact your local DNR (or equivalent) office or click the link under your state for the latest information. [Read More ]