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The Best Broadheads for Crossbows: Finding the Proper Balance Point

mechanical vs fixed blade broadheads More outdoor enthusiasts are starting to use the crossbow for hunting because of its power that can be likened to that of a gun plus its unmatched accuracy that is similar to that of a bow. If you are just starting with your hunting hobby, this is the best place to get tips on finding the best broadheads for your weapon. There are different types, styles, shapes, and sizes of broadheads. For beginners, the challenge would be finding the right one. The market is not really lacking from good quality broadheads but still there are a few that may not be the best picks. Choosing an excellent broadhead can be a challenge but with the following useful information and tips, you will be able to find the perfect fit for you. Two Basic Types of Broadheads
  • Fixed broaddheads have one-piece tips that are not movable. They are usually made of steel to make it easier to sharpen. The perfect example of these types of broadheads is those that you see in movies set in the medieval times.
  • Mechanical broadheads are those that are also called expandable broadheads. These types deploy the blades once in contact with the target as the blades swing out to deal the target.broadheads
There is a third type, replaceable broadheads but they are almost similar in appearance with the fixed broadheads, though the blades can be removed and replaced with new ones when they become dull. They are made from aluminum. What is the Best One for Hunting? While all broadheads in the market today can be utilized for hunting, it is still important that you purchase one that will be the perfect match for your crossbow. You also have to consider what target you intend to pursue in your hunting expeditions. Consider the following pros and cons about the types of blades: With fixed blades you can shoot from any angle because the blades are open already. These blades are easier to replace. Dirt and repeated use will not affect the ability of the blades to cut through and through. If there are hits, there are misses as well: accidentally cutting yourself is a risk because of the fixed open blades. Take more time for set up as the blades are already open. You will encounter resistance as the wind blows in an open field. The mechanical blades, also called expandable blades, are folded into the arrow head; hence it will fly on a more normal field point. The head is not as bulky as that of the fixed blades so it doesn’t hit branches and leaves during its flight. There is a lesser chance of being injured. One of its drawbacks, however, is that there is a tendency that the blades will not open in time, thus losing the animal in the process. In choosing a crossbow broadhead that will be the right fit for you may not be as difficult as you think it might. If you do a lot more research and keep a proactive attitude when you start to shop around.
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