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The Excalibur Matrix 330 Package Hits the Ground Running

If you like a recurve crossbow, the Excalibur Matrix 330 package might be enticing.

Over the years Excalibur has risen above the competition to become known as one of the top crossbow manufacturers out there. Perhaps it's because of the great performance they get from their bows. Maybe it's because of a proven track record. Or, maybe it's because their gear is tough enough to get driven over by a truck and still fire accurately. Whatever the case may be, the Excalibur Matrix 330 is the latest in a long line of quality Excalibur crossbows.

Excalibur Matrix 330

The Excalibur Matrix 330 is advertised as an all-day crossbow that won't wear you out on a long hunt. The Matrix 330 weighs in a 5.1 pounds, which is extremely light when compared to other crossbows out there. Excalibur was able to drop much of the weight out of this bow by affixing it with a skeletonized stock, rather than a solid stock. If you tromp up and down mountains, hunt deep woodlands, or otherwise get off the beaten path, it might be an advantage to carry a lightweight bow like this. [caption id="attachment_6712" align="alignleft" width="209"]Excalibur Matrix 330 Excalibur Matrix 330[/caption] In the performance department the Excalibur Matrix 330 delivers adequate power for most hunting situations. As the name indicates, the Matrix 330 shoots arrows downrange at 330 feet per second. It achieves this power using a 230 pound draw weight, which certainly is not extremely heavy for a recurve. Shooting at that speed with the 350 grain arrows in the package, gives the hunter around 83 ft. pounds of kinetic energy and 5.1 slugs of momentum. This kind of power is adequate for almost all big game you would chase on the North American continent. On our website, the Matrix 330 is sold as a solid package that will get you shooting right out of the box. It comes standard with four Diablo arrows and a four arrow quiver that mounts to the bow, in addition to a scope. Every 330 also comes equipped with the Excalibur R.E.D.S. system installed. The R.E.D.S. system is composed of the rubber stoppers near the front of the crossbow. This system was developed to extend the longevity of the bow by decreasing the stress on the limbs. There is a great, but brief, article put out on the Excalibur discussion forum on the subject of their R.E.D.S. system. All-in-all, the Excalibur Matrix 330 is a solid crossbow. For the money you get a quality shooting rig that can hit the ground running. Not only that, but it comes with Excalibur's experience and time tested engineering. That may count for something in your book. NEXT: THE EXCALIBUR DESTRUCTION CHALLENGE; WILL THE MICRO 355 STILL FIRE AFTER A TRUCK DRIVES OVER IT?
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