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Archery Bow vs. Crossbow

            The differences between an archery bow and a crossbow aren’t really that much. The obvious differences are probably their weight, how to hold it, and the difficulty to learn using each one. In bowhunting, it all boils down to taking down the target; regardless of which kind of bow is used, their killing potential is the same and are affected by the same factors. The Learning Period Between a crossbow and an archery bow, the crossbow is a bit easier to learn. A crossbow is fashioned with a trigger that makes it easy to shoot; whereas, an archery bow cannot be simply used by pulling a trigger. The most difficult thing to learn in using a crossbow is maintaining a proper stance and making sure that the bolt is straight in place; in other words, ensuring that the bolt is cocked properly so it can be fired straight where it is aimed at. PSE TAC 15i Crossbow Package with Hawke Scope, Case and Bipod Shooting Distance Although this matter may be dependent on the bow’s model – regardless of whether or not it is an archery bow or cross bow – the crossbow typically fires its load farther than archery bows. When it comes to bowhunting using archery bows, it is necessary to get in close at least twenty yards of the prey before shooting; whereas, a crossbow can be shot from a farther range. The Weight The weight is an important aspect when it comes to bowhunting. A crossbow is marginally heavier than an archery bow; this means that a crossbow can only be held in proper stance for a minute or two before the need to lower it comes. While an archery bow’s weight is distributed evenly, a crossbow’s weight has a heavier front than its back part. Weather Factor Using a bow on sunny days does not really affect the two kinds of bows, but when the weather is a bit snowy, using a crossbow is the appropriate choice. To properly use an archery bow, one’s movements must not be limited by clothing, because there are physical actions required to fire: Aim, cock, and shoot, whereas, using a crossbow just needs to be triggered to fire. Final Verdict In bowhunting, the crossbow is better in terms of distance and simplicity. Although it is quite a bit heavier and more difficult to wield, it still outweighs archery bows. Also, the fact that it can be used under any kind of weather makes it even greater in comparison. Click here to check out more hunting crossbows.
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