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3 Ways You Can Start Using Camo Netting in the Outdoors

Whether you are a hunter, camper, or prepper, using camo netting should be in your bag of tricks.

[caption id="attachment_6607" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Using camo netting Using camo netting in the outdoors has all sorts of possibilities.[/caption] Versatility in your outdoor gear is often seen as desirable. When on long outings, short overnights, or even just a day jaunt through the woods, having gear that can perform multiple jobs is appealing. Versatile gear not only generally decreases the mass weight you have to carry, but also allows you to leave extra tools at home decreases the amount of tools you need. One versatile piece of outdoor gear you may not be utilizing is camo netting. If your not using camo netting you may be interested in its uses. Here are the top 3 uses of camo netting for the resourceful outdoorsman.

Hunting Blind

Perhaps the most popular way of using camo netting is for building hunting blinds. Some folks use this netting in their permanent hunting blinds to help blend them in. Since it is fairly affordable folks can dress up their blind quickly and cheaply with it. Although it can be used for stationary blinds, one of the most appealing ways to use this netting in my opinion is for constructing quick and temporary hunting blinds. Many of us don't have the luxury of hunting a prime private hunting property year in and year out and most of us wind up on public land. I personally enjoy hunting public land and the added challenge it provides. Hunting public lands can be tricky though and animals tend to get bumped around more than on private lands. Being able to adapt and move with the animals is a big task of public land hunters. Using camo netting in this situation can be a real ace in the hole for any public land hunter. A temporary camo net hunting blind can be constructed in just a few minutes if you know what you're doing. Watch this 3 minute video demonstrating a quick duck blind. Simple and effective. What more could you want in a quick hunting blind?

Camp Concealment

Another way outdoorsman can use camo netting is to conceal their camp. If you camp in areas with lots of people moving in and out, camp theft could be a problem. Nothing can take the fun out of a hunting or camping trip like coming back to a ransacked base camp. Using camo netting may help prevent camp theft or detection while you are away from camp. Just pile the gear you are leaving behind into a large pile and toss one of these nets over the pile. Unless a person happens to walk right on top of your camp, odds are they won't even know its there. Using it may just provide you the piece of mind you're looking for.

Ghillie Suit

Another clever way for using camo netting is to make an improvised ghillie suit. Ghillie suits have gained popularity the past few decades after being used extensively by snipers in the armed forces. The basic principle of the ghillie suit is simple. You use a system like camo netting or natural material to break up your human outline and blend into the surroundings. Your ghillie suit can be as simple as just throwing the camo netting overtop of you like a blanket, or a complex suit where actual jackets and pants are created. However you choose to make your ghillie suit, camo netting can serve as a great base for an extravagant suit, or the entire suit itself. Camo netting is simply a great and fairly inexpensive piece of gear for anyone wanting to stay hidden. Whether it is building a hunting blind, concealing your camp, or building a ghillie suit, camo netting has all sorts of uses. You may want to think about including it in your collection of outdoor gear. NEXT: BOWHUNTING SAFETY TIPS; 3 THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND THIS FALL
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