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The TenPoint Renegade; A Fair Deal

Looking for TenPoint quality without the common TenPoint price? The TenPoint Renegade may be just what you are looking for.

You tend to get what you pay for in this world. This old saying has rung true in my life more than a few times. I remember a few years ago I was looking for a hunting pack and was trying to go the cheap route. I bought several "bargain" packs, but each ended up falling apart, not fitting correctly, or just not being a decent pack. Eventually I went out and spent the money on a quality backpack. In the long run, I would have saved money if I just would have went quality from the start. Once in a while though you come across a deal where you get quality for a good price. That seems to be the place of the TenPoint Renegade crossbow. [caption id="attachment_6894" align="alignright" width="150"]TenPoint Renegade The TenPoint Renegade[/caption] The Renegade was recently put out by TenPoint as their entry level crossbow. As a business, TenPoint has earned a reputation as one of the leading crossbow manufacturers in the world. In fact, one of their core business principles is to never compromise on quality. As they have stood by that principle over the years they have developed some great bows. However, that quality generally comes at a price to consumers. TenPoint crossbows tend to float on the high side when it comes to price. That is where the TenPoint Renegade comes into play. The Renegade is a quality crossbow at and entry-level price. This compound crossbow may not wow anyone with its specs, but it certainly is more than enough to get the job done. In terms of arrow speed the bow clocks in at a respectable 335 feet per second, and uses a 165 pound draw to achieve those results. If you are skeptical about the 335 feet per second, realize that only a few of the fastest compound bows hit that speed. It packs more than enough wallop for nearly any big game animal you will ever hunt. TenPoint also made sure this crossbow would be comfortable to shoot. It weighs in at 7 pounds and is 21.5" from axle to axle when uncocked. This crossbow has been balanced for maximum accuracy and comfort. Speaking of accuracy, the Renegade comes standard with a 3x Pro View 2 scope. This scope has 4 reticle dots for 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard shooting. By itself, this scope is a $200 value. When it comes to price the TenPoint Renegade is hard to beat. Right now it is listed at $599. Not only does this come standard with a $200 scope, but you get an instant detach quiver, 3 arrows, and practice points in addition to the crossbow. Perhaps the biggest add-on to this package is the TenPoint name that comes along with it. If TenPoint was cutting corners during their 20 years of production, they certainly wouldn't be considered one of the top manufacturers in the world today. For the price you'll get a quality crossbow, the TenPoint commitment to quality, and everything you'll need to get shooting. While you tend to get what you pay for in this world, the TenPoint Renegade is an instance where there is a good deal to be found. NEXT: HORTON STORM RDX; FAST, SMOOTH, AND WHISPER QUIET
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