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150 lb Short Stock Hunting Crossbow Only with Arrows / Bolts


New Hunting Crossbow - Short Stock!! This setup gives you everything you need to hit the woods for a day of target practice or hunting. This has plenty of power to deliver an accurate blow to your target.


  • Color/Design: Light Wood Stock
  • Draw Weight: 150 Pounds
  • Has a handy foldable foot stirrup to aid in cocking the bow
  • Fiberglass Bow Limb
  • Adjustable Standard Sights
  • Auto safety when cocking
  • Must be 18 years of age to use or purchase.


  • 150 Lb Crossbow (includes everything you need)
  • 2 x Bolts / Arrows 
  • 1 x String
  • No Scope included

For ages 18 and over (Under 18- Parental Supervision Required)

This item doesn't ship to Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Perfect big bad ass pistol crossbow. We highly recommend this to everyone! Buy it here, the only place. We love this people!

Larry Strong

can't seem to get a lazer that will fit my crossbow,other than that the crossbow is fine

John Ellis
Purchase from Thailand

Very satisfied with the product - and the service and process of purchasing the item - particularly from as far away as Thailand - so convenient!
Good luck with your on-line business.
John Ellis

Angela Swindlehurst

First crossbow. When I opened the package today I was more excited than a kid on christmas.

Cool little crossbow

Fun, fast and accurate for its size. I have been shooting this at 30 yards and keeping decent groups unsupported. It is a little awkward to shoot due to the grip, it is a little big but you get used to it. I have the stock sights on the bow sighted in at about 20 yards and I have them almost all the way down and way to the left with the 16inch bolts, I would recommend a red dot sight. I ordered the laser pro package. The scope is realy cheesy and you have to remove the rear sight to put it on and it's hard to use with no stock. The laser sight is cool, if you don't have a scope on the bow, you cant mount it unless you make something to mount it to. I would use the 14inch bolts and not the 16inch. the 14s fly ALLOT flatter and fit better in the breach. Has plenty of power. I used a solid18 inch thick block of styrofoam and it sinks the 16inch bolts almost to the end of the veins and sometimes the tip is a few inches out of the back of the target at 30 yards!

Customer Reviews

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