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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hawke Honeycomb Sunshade for Riflescopes - Black


The Hawke honeycomb sunshades are a fraction of the length of regular sunshades, only 9mm deep, offering a lightweight alternative. The other key advantage is they stop any reflections from the objective lens reaching the game, making the scope more covert in a hunting situation.

*Compatible with 2015 collection onwards. Please note, honeycomb sunshades are not compatible with pre-2019 Frontier riflescopes. Hawke metal flip-up covers cannot be installed on honeycomb sunshades.

Compatible with: 

  • 32mm: 14110-Vantage 2-7x32; 14100/14101-Vantage 4x32
  • 32mm AO: 13100-Airmax 2-7x32 AO; 13260-Airmax 30 Touch 3-12x32; 14102-Vantage 4x32 AO; 14111/14211-Vantage 2-7x32 AO
  • 40mm: 13200-Airmax 30 SF Compact 3-12x40; 14120/14121/14219/14220/14221/14222/14223-Vantage 3-9x40
  • 40mm AO: 13110-Airmax 3-x40 AO; 13130-Airmax 4-12x40 AO; 14122/14123/14225-Vantage 3-9x40 AO; 14140/14141/14241/14242-Vantage 4-12x40 AO
  • 42mm: 14277-Vantage 30 WA 3-9x42
  • 44mm: 13210-Airmax 30 SF Compact 4-16x44; 14160-Vantage SF 3-12x44;14162-Vantae SF 4-16x44; 14162-Vantage SF 6-24x44; 14276-Vantage 30 WA 1.5-6x44; 16310-Endurance 30 WA 1.5-6x44; 18120-Frontier SF 3-1.5x44; 18130-Frontier SF 4-20x44
  • 50mm: 13220-Airmax 30SF Compact 6-24x50; 13350-Airmax 30 FFP SF 4-16x50; 13352-Airmax 30 FFP SF 6-24x50; 14130/14131/14260-Vantage 36-9x50; 14250/14251/14254-Vantage 4-12x50; 14274-Vantage 30 WA 2.5-10x50; 14293/14294/14295/14296-Vantage 30 WA SF IR 4-16x50; 14297-Vantage 30 WA SF IR 6-24x50; 14300-Vantage 30 WA FFP 4-16x50; 14304-Vantage 30 WA FFP 6-24x50; 16320/16321-Endurance 30 WA 2.5-10x50; 16350/16351/16352-Endurance 30 WA SF 4-16x50; 16360/16361/16362-Endurance 30 WA SF 6-24x50; 18140-Frontier SF 5-25x50; 18420/18421-Frontier 30 SF 2.5-15x50; 18430/18431-Frontier 30 SF 4-24x50; 18520-Frontier 30 FFP 3-15x50; 18530-Frontier 30 FFP 4-20x50
  • 50mm AO: 13140-Airmax 4-12x50 AO; 14133/14232-Vantage 3-9x50 AO; 14252-Vantage 4-12x50 AO; 14260/14261-Vantage 4-16x50 AO; 14265-Vantage 6-24x50 AO
  • 56mm: 14275-Vantage 30 WA 3-12x56; 16330/16331-Endurance 30 WA 3-12x56; 17360-Sidewinder ED 8-40x56; 18440/18441-Frontier 30 SF 5-30x56; 18540-Frontier 30 FFP 5-25x56
  • 24mm: 12230-XB30 Pro 1-5x24; 14273- Vantage 30 WA 1-4x24; 16300/16301-Endurance 30 WA 1-4x24; 18400/18401/18402-Frontier 30 1-6x24
  • 36mm: 12226-XB 30 Compact 1.5-6x36; 12227-XB30 Compact 2-8x36