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1 Drill to Beat Target Panic

If you are looking to beat target panic this offseason, here is one drill you simply must try.

[caption id="attachment_6275" align="aligncenter" width="300"]This 1 simple drill may help you beat target panic. This 1 simple drill may help you beat target panic.[/caption] If you've ever shot a bow, crossbows included, you've most likely had to deal with one of archery's most common mental games; target panic. I've heard lots of different people try to explain target panic in a lot a of different ways, but for the purposes of this article we'll describe it as the inability to draw, aim, and fire your bow in a relaxed state. Target panic takes on many different forms. Some people begin to feel the anxiety as soon as they draw their bow. Others simply can't allow their aiming reference point to settle on the target. Many shooters will also jump the shot, punch the release, or have an otherwise rocky release. Whatever your issue is, there are a variety of drills to help shooters beat target panic. Watch this brief video put out by accomplished archer Levi Morgan. In it he will break down one drill you can incorporate into your offseason practice regime to beat target panic. This drill seems so simple, yet the benefits can be unbelievable for somebody suffering from this type of target panic. Not only can this drill help out folks who are suffering from this mental hurdle, but I could see it as a drill for those without the problem as well. If there is one thing consistent in much of the information out there on beating target panic, it is removing the target from the equation and building a shot. Building a shot means to develop a routine to repeat before every shot. It starts with your stance, then the draw, anchor, aiming, and release. Those who have played basketball can relate it to a free throw. Top free throw shooters have a very specific routine they perform to mentally help them prepare for the shot. A routine in archery not only creates consistency, but it give the mind a place to rest during times of high pressure. Randy Ulmer recently published a great article on how to beat target panic in Bowhunter magazine. The step-by-step process he laid out was designed to remove the target as much as possible from the equation in addition to using a back tension release. Like with this drill from Levi Morgan, if you are suffering from target panic you must focus on building a shot.This advice is often the same advice given to hunters with a case of buck fever as well. If you are suffer from a critical case, mild case, or only have acute symptoms of target panic, take some time this offseason to practice this drill to beat target panic. Follow the advice from a guy like Levi Morgan and you'll no doubt be headed down the right road. Follow the author through his facebook page or on twitter. NEXT: STAYING TUNED UP; OFFSEASON HUNTING WORKOUTS
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