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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

10 Bowfishing Accessories You May Need

Bowfishing is a more fun way to catch fish. The fisher is more active. He does not just sit there. He looks around and finds a fish to catch. He aims and shoots. If you want to try bow fishing, you will need bow, arrows and reel. It is better if you will have a spare arrow and reel. There are also plenty of accessories that you could buy. PSE Snapshot Bowfishing Rest Accessory #1 – Arrow Rest You will also need an arrow rest that’s made especially for bow fishing. Many people think that the same arrow rest they use for deer hunting can be used but they’re wrong. There are some arrow rests that work only with a particular type of arrow. Accessory #2 – Reversible Barb While there is no rule on the kind of fish point you will use, it is better if you will choose one with reversible barb. It makes shooting, removing fish and being ready to shoot again much easier. Accessory #3 – Baton There are many options for baton. Some use a solid baton to pacify the fish as soon as possible. Other batons also have a protruding bolt. It penetrates the skull and eyes. Accessory #4 – Floating Gaff A floating gaff is one of the most important accessories that you could buy. A great choice is one that is made from a durable metal like aluminum and is a center-grip type. Accessory #5 – Nock You will also need a nock. There are nocks that are lighted and there are several options when it comes to colors. For nocks, the lighter the better. Accessory #6 – Container It is best if you could have a container where you could store the fishes. It could be a bin that’s specially made for bowfishing. It could be a cooler. Accessory #7 – Polarized Sunglasses Whether you will hunt in clear water or in muddy water, having polarized sunglasses is always better. It lets you see the fishes well. Accessory #8 – Safety Slide Are you tired of arrow snapbacks? You can buy a safety slide. A safety slide is attached to the arrow to prevent it from snapping back. When buying safety slides, make sure to look for its compatibility with the arrow and reel. Accessory #9 – Finger Tabs If your problem is roll off fingers, look for some finger tabs. They are a good buy for they protect the fingers from the string. Accessory #10 – Adhesive or Glue You can never tell when you will need to bond nocks and vanes. It is better to have reliable glue or adhesive in your kit when going fishing. Click here to check out the bowfishing ready to hunt package.
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