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3 Most Affordable Crossbows for Under $200

If you searching the market for affordable crossbows, here are 3 that should top your list.

I'll admit, buying new archery gear can be a bit daunting at times. As a self-tagged cheapo I have a hard time plunking down hard earned cash for about anything. I'm always trying to figure out how I can do with less, make more of my own stuff, and skimp on the things I do buy. It is just in my nature I suppose. That's why buying archery gear can sometimes put a lump in my throat. Archery does happen to be a weak-spot of mine though, and I never regret my purchase. That being said, I can definitely understand why some people choose to go the budget route when buying their gear. Hard earned money is hard to let go of. If you are pinching pennies but still need to upgrade your crossbow, you'll no doubt be sifting through affordable crossbows. At times it may seem they are hard to come by, but don't lose hope. For the price conscious archer out there here at most affordable crossbows all retailing for less than $200.

SAS Jaguar II

[caption id="attachment_6562" align="alignright" width="185"]SAS Jaguar II SAS Jaguar II[/caption] First up on the list is the exceptionally popular SAS Jaguar II recurve crossbow. The Jaguar II is the next generation of the Jaguar recurve and is a pretty darn good crossbow for $169. This traditional crossbow uses a 175 pound pull to speed arrows downrange at 260 feet per second. Although it doesn't rank as one of the top performing crossbows in the world, it definitely has performance enough for its purpose. It has an adjustable stock so you can get just the right feel when shooting and several key safety features. In addition to the crossbow, for $169 the Jaguar II comes fully equipped with quiver, arrows, scope, cocking device, and rail lube. When it is all tallied the SAS Jaguar II is one of the most popular affordable crossbows out there.

Spider 150

Next on the list of the most affordable crossbows is a compound crossbow. The Spider 150 is a good option for someone looking for the performance of a compound crossbow, but still on the inexpensive end. This bow uses a light 150 pound draw weight to zip arrows downrange at speeds of up to 248 feet per second. It also comes standard with a couple of arrows and mounted with a scope so you'll be shooting right out of the package. Here is a video of the Spider 150 in action.  

Barnett Buck Commander

[caption id="attachment_6561" align="alignleft" width="169"]Barnett Buck Commander Barnett Buck Commander[/caption] The final crossbow in this list of most affordable crossbows is the Barnett Buck Commander recurve crossbow. Like the Spider, the Buck Commander uses a 150 pound draw weight and can reach initial speeds of 245 feet per second. It is a light bow that weighs in at shade under five pounds and would be a breeze to tote around the woods. As with the other crossbows on this list the Barnett Buck Commander comes with several arrows and scope to get you started. All in all it would be a fine crossbow for a beginner, or someone looking to keep the bill under $200. There you have it, the top three crossbows for under $200. While these aren't the premium crossbows out there, they each have enough performance enough to do what they were made to do. If you are looking for an inexpensive and utility crossbow these three crossbows may be right up your alley. NEXT: DRY FIRING A BOW; 3 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW
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