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4 Stand Out Features of the Bear Fisix FFL Crossbow

The Bear Fisix crossbow is a high performing crossbow with some features that serious shooters will love.

They say good things come to those who wait. Well, the folks at Bear Archery waited for 2 years for the Bear Fisix to come to life, and they believe it was worth the wait. The Fisix is a top end hunting and shooting crossbow loaded with features that make this one of the standout bows on the market. Coming from one of America's most respected archery manufacturers, you can bet this crossbow is the real deal. After reviewing the Fisix, here are 4 features that really stand out.

AR Stock

[caption id="attachment_6826" align="alignright" width="200"]Bear Fisix The Bear Fisix Reverse Limb Crossbow[/caption] One thing that really jumps out at you after reviewing this bow is the adaptable AR inspired stock. Let's face it, the more adaptable a crossbow is, the better fit it will be for hunters. We are all different, and having the ability to make the crossbow match us, rather than vice versa, the better. On the Bear Fisix you can adjust the foregrip as well as the butt of the bow. While lots of crossbows feature a telescoping butt, not nearly as many offer the moveable foregrip. More customization equals more comfort and more accuracy.


Another aspect of this Bear crossbow that stands out is its size. Most reverse limb crossbows are narrow by nature, and the Fisix is no different. It measures a scant 15 inches axle to axle when uncocked. That sleekness has many applications in the hunting arena. Although it is very narrow, this bow does happen to be a bit long. It measures in at over 36 inches front to back. If your hunting situation requires a narrow bow, with some extra inches out front, this bow might be a good option.


In the performance department the Bear Fisix passes all the tests. Its ability to jettison arrows downrange at 375 fps certainly qualifies this bow as "fast". You will also appreciate the light 135 pound draw weight. 135 pounds of draw to achieve 375 fps; talk about efficiency.


The final aspect of the Bear Fisix worth noting is the bulletproof safety system the engineers designed. It has Bear's 3XS trigger system which automatically engages the safety whether you remember to engage it or not. It is a relatively simple feature, but might be one of the most important features on this bow. Like nearly all crossbows today, this bow features an anti dry-fire system to ensure your bow can't accidentally go off. If you are interested in taking a closer look at the Bear Fisix, take 2 minutes and watch this video put out by the folks at Bear. The Bear Fisix is a high quality and high performing crossbow for sure. It is a highly adaptable crossbow, and the reverse limb design not only makes it narrow, but highly efficient as well. If you are looking to upgrade your crossbow for the upcoming hunting seasons, it may be worth a closer look. NEXT: NEW CROSSBOWS OF 2017; SAS AUTHORITY CROSSBOW
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