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Bear Bruzer Crossbow; Simple, Effective, and Built to Hunt.

The Bear Bruzer is a solid hunting crossbow at a price that won't set you back an arm and a leg.

It seems these days that archery, and hunting in general, is so gear driven. Hunters seem encouraged to cover their bow with gadgets, have gizmos hanging out of every pocket, and smear special "stop stinkin" goo all over their bodies. I should know, I write about all the gear. Over the years I've come to realize that there is gear that makes you a better and more effective hunter. However, there is truth in the simplicity that bowhunting comes down to your ability to execute the shot. No amount of bow technology can cover up a poor shot. A good bow, in the right hands, can do about anything. If you are looking for a new crossbow, and believe a simple bow is effective in the right hands, the Bear Bruzer might be right for you.

Bear Bruzer

[caption id="attachment_6822" align="alignright" width="191"]Bear Bruzer The Bear Bruzer Reverse Limb Crossbow[/caption] The Bruzer isn't a flashy runway bow, and it wasn't built to be one. This reverse limb bow was designed by the folks at Bear to do one job; hunt. It has all the features a bow need to be effective in that department. For starters, it shoots at a utilitarian 335 fps. Compared to other bows, this won't blow you away, but it is certainly fast enough for the woods. One nice thing about the bow is that it uses a paltry 125 pound pull to cock. If you figure most other bows on the market shooting the same fps use pulls closer to 160 pounds, you can see the efficiency of Bear's reverse limb design. Another aspect of this bow that is appealing is the width. From axle to axle this bow measures only 18 inches. Reverse limb bows always perform well in the size department. For hunters there are many benefits to this characteristic. The biggest appeal is the ability to tuck into tight places and still be able to execute a shot. They are also easier to carry around in general. In terms of length, the Bruzer hits the tape at 34.5 inches. This is a shade long compared to other bows, but not excessive. One area of concern for this bow is the weight. At an even 9 pounds, it is a fairly heavy bow. On the other hand, when you figure that heavy bows tend to be quieter, the weight might be considered a benefit for hunters. The final aspect of the Bear Bruzer worth mentioning is the price tag. This bow rings in at $449 as a package. The package includes arrows, quiver, scope, cocking rope, and rail lube. All told, just the accessories would be worth well over $100. This bow wasn't built for someone with pockets so deep they drag on the ground. It was built for average folks looking for a solid hunting bow. The Bear Bruzer is a solid bow for the price. It is a reverse limb bow that has the performance you'd expect from this legendary company. It may not be oozing with cutting edge technology, but it has enough to do its job well. If you believe that a good bow, in the right hands, can do amazing things, you might take a closer look at this solid hunting crossbow. NEXT: NEW CROSSBOWS OF 2017; SAS TROY 370
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