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3 February Archery News Stories to Keep You in the Loop

Just in case you missed these headlines, here are a few of the top hits for February archery news.

[caption id="attachment_6816" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Newspaper Here are 3 of February's top archery news press releases.[/caption]

The Super Bowl of Archery

On February 10-12, 2017, 3,480 archers showed up in Las Vegas for the 51st annual Vegas Shoot. From this record breaking crowd, Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul Miller rose above the rest of the competition. For three days archers shot 90 times from a distance of 20 yards. These days, the competition is tough and Miller had to shoot lights out in order to win. When his 90 shots were tallied, Miller had put 89 out of 90 shots in the 10 ring, for a total score of 899. Looks like archers better start practicing now to be competitive in 2018.

Montana to Allow Lighted Nocks

[caption id="attachment_6817" align="alignleft" width="141"]Lighted nocks Lighted nocks are now legal in Montana while bowhunting.[/caption] In the constantly ebbing and flowing decision making process of how much technology to allow while bowhunting, the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks has approved the use of lighted nocks while bowhunting in their state. FWP Commissioner Matt Tourtlotte commented on the approval, saying, “I would hate for it to be a gateway for this other technology to come tumbling into a sport that has its roots in a primitive core. But I advocated for it in the past, and I support it now.” Opponents cite the rise of technology as a deterrent from the primitive roots of the sport. Proponents argued lighted nocks make low light shots more ethical, and lead to more recovered game. Lighted nocks are slowly gaining credibility in the archery community. In 2015, the prestigious Pope and Young Club voted to recognize animals taken while a lighted nock was in use.

7 Year Old Girl Impaled by Own Arrow

Finally in archery news for the month of February, a 7 year old Arizona girl was taken to the hospital after her own arrow lodged in her neck while at an organized shoot. The young girl was walking from one target to another with a quiver on her side. When she slipped and fell on the path, one of her arrows impaled her in the neck. Shawn Gilleland, spokesman for the Rural Metro Fire Department that responded, noted the arrow had lodged at least 2 inches deep in the girl's neck. Throughout the event the girl was conscious and aware while she was taken off the course. She was then taken to the hospital with the arrow secured in place. Her injuries were not life threatening. Hope you enjoyed catching up on the February archery news. Keep shooting, and stay safe. NEXT: WHAT DOES THE FUTURE OF ARCHERY LOOK LIKE? ATA CEO JAY MCANINCH OFFERS HIS OPINION.
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