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New Crossbow of 2017: SAS Honor Recurve Crossbow

Plain and simple. That's the best description you could hope to get for the new SAS Honor recurve crossbow.

As the new crossbows of 2017 hit the market, there are going to be a wide variety of models to choose from. Some will be state of the art. Others will be superb hunting tools. Others, will simply give you the enjoyment of plinking a few arrows at your local range. If you are looking for a low budget, but effective, crossbow, the SAS Honor might be right up your alley.

SAS Honor Recurve

[caption id="attachment_6811" align="alignleft" width="219"]SAS Honor recurve crossbow The SAS Honor recurve crossbow is a bare bones, utilitarian crossbow.[/caption] Making no bones about it, the SAS Honor recurve crossbow is a plain and simple entry level crossbow. In fact you can't get more plain Jane than this SAS bow. The recurve is the upgrade from the SAS Jaguar, which proved to be one of their most popular models. The Honor is in fact a good step up from the Jaguar in terms of performance. Flinging arrows downrange at 260 feet per second, it has a 15 feet per second improvement in performance. The nice part about this is the draw weight is still the average 175 pound pull. That means SAS has been working hard to improve these recurves, and give you more capability with the same input. Another nice feature the folks at SAS looked to include in this crossbow is the adjustable stock. Rather than having a fixed stock like the Jaguar, you can now adjust the stock length from 30-33". This customization allows you to find just the right weld before the shot. In the size department, the SAS Honor also has a reasonable weight. At 6 pounds when fully loaded, it registers right around middle of the pack in that domain. In terms of hunting capability, this bow may prove adequate for smaller and mid sized game species. For the average guy hunting the whitetail woods and calling in spring gobblers, this bow would prove to be an adequate tool. As these seem to be the most popular hunting targets, most people would likely find the SAS Honor recurve suitable. If you are in the market for a blue collar crossbow the SAS Honor might be up your alley. It certainly doesn't have many of the frills associated on some of the flagship models. On the other hand, it has everything you need to bring home some venison. For the right shooter, this bow may be just the ticket. NEXT: THE RAVIN R9 CROSSBOW IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR
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