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5 Great Entry Level Crossbows

If you are new to the sport of crossbow shooting and want to test the waters, here are 5 great entry level crossbows you can take a look at.

Buying your first crossbow can be a bit daunting, especially if you are living on a budget. Some folks have the luxury of money not being an option and can plop down the cash for some of the most advanced models on the market, while others want to get started shooting but need to get the most bang for their buck. If you are browsing for your first crossbow, and can't break the bank, here are 5 great entry level crossbows.

Parker Enforcer Crossbow

[caption id="attachment_5847" align="alignright" width="188"]PARKER-X301-2T Parker Enforcer Crossbow[/caption] Any conversation about great entry level crossbows has to include the Parker Enforcer Crossbow. Over the years Parker has earned a reputation for putting out quality crossbows at an affordable price, all while backing up their products with outstanding customer service. This bow doesn't give up much in the spec department and can push arrows downrange at over 315 fps. If you are looking for a great deal, this might be worth taking a look at.

PSE Reaper Crossbow

[caption id="attachment_5848" align="alignright" width="169"]PSE-01157-2T PSE Reaper[/caption] Another company that has earned a solid reputation in the archery business is PSE, and they put out some great entry level crossbows. One in particular is the PSE Reaper Crossbow. This crossbow can move arrows at 310 fps, which will fit the need of anybody out there. Praised as a fast and accurate crossbow, the Reaper is a solid bow for any new shooter to bring to their shoulder.

Carbon Express X-Force 350

[caption id="attachment_5849" align="alignright" width="186"]Carbon Express Carbon Express X-Force[/caption] When you talk about great entry level crossbows that provide a great value, the Carbon Express X-Force 350 probably deserves a spot in the conversation. This low cost option is manufactured by a big name in the archery business. The Carbon Express X-Force shoots arrows at around 300 fps so it would be a suitable crossbow for both target archery and close shot hunting encounters.

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow

[caption id="attachment_5850" align="alignright" width="201"]Barnett Recruit Barnett Recruit[/caption] Barnett makes some of the fastest crossbows on the market and knows their stuff when it comes to making gear that works. If you are looking for a great entry level crossbow from a top manufacturer take an extra look at the Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow. With a low draw weight, and comparable cost, it might be the good balance between performance and quality you are looking for.

Spider 150 Camo Crossbow

[caption id="attachment_5851" align="alignright" width="186"]Spider 150 Camo Crossbow Spider 150 Camo Crossbow[/caption] If pinching pennies on a new crossbow is your top priority Spider makes a crossbow that might be right up your alley. The Spider 150 Camo Crossbow comes brand new out of the box for a shade over $200. Pretty reasonable for a never used crossbow along with 6 arrows, 3 broadheads, and all the other gear you will need to get started.     Shooting crossbows, compound bows, and traditional bows can be a blast, and is a hobby that can last a lifetime. If you are thinking about starting to shoot and are looking for a great entry level crossbow hopefully one of these five bows fits your needs. NEXT: WINTERTIME FUN; CALLING COYOTES
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