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5 Rules to Follow for Rock Solid Crossbow Safety

Crossbow safety should always be on your mind when out at the range, in the backyard, or out in the field. Follow these 5 simple steps to shoot your crossbow safely every time.

[caption id="attachment_6317" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Build these crossbow safety tips into your shot to avoid major accidents. Build these crossbow safety tips into your shot to avoid major accidents.[/caption] Using a crossbow, or any archery equipment for that matter, in a manner that keeps you and those around you safe, should be a top priority every time you shoot. Practicing solid crossbow safety should be a regular part of your shooting sequence. Many of the accidents that occur with archery gear can easily be avoided by following a few simple guide lines. Watch this video that offers good advice on crossbow safety tips.

Rope Cocker

As the video mentions, always keep your rope cocker stowed away safely during the shot. You can easily see the dangerous situation created with one dangling around your next. Put it away, set it down, or otherwise make sure it won't get involved in any way.

Arrow Inspection

This is one I personally let slip a few years ago. I had been practicing with my compound bow and shooting tight groups. This had caused what I felt was some minor arrow damage. I loaded up a weakened arrow and came to full draw. Upon release chaos seemed to erupt from my bow. After the shot I found the defective arrow had snapped upon release and careened at a sharp angle, hitting my house. I was fortunate it hit my house rather hurtling off into my neighbor's yard or somewhere else. Those results could be devastating. Always inspect your arrows and discard damage arrows!

Finger Safety

Another good tip offered by the video on crossbow safety is to simply use the crossbow as it was designed. Many modern crossbows, including the Parker Tornado featured in the video, have finger guards to make sure your fingers don't get in the way of the string. As you build a shot, incorporate a mental check of your finger's position. Soon it will become second nature.

Different Bullseye

By choosing a different bullseye for each arrow you'll hopefully avoid unnecessary arrow damage. As we already discussed, looking for arrow damage is one important step for safe crossbow shooting. Shooting different bulls mitigates your risk.

Target Safety

One tip that must be included when discussing crossbow safety was left out of the video; target safety. Target safety means to ensure your target is in a safe position for a shot. In other words, make sure there are no running children around, a jogger is not running behind your fence, or the like. It also reenforces the rule of only taking good hunting shots. Never shoot at a skylined animal or other situation where you are unsure of what lies behind the animal. You never know what your arrow might strike on a bad miss. The offseason is the perfect time of year to reevaluate your shot sequence and build in these 5 good strategies for crossbow safety. All it usually takes is a few extra mental reminders during your shot. Before you know it they will become second nature and you won't even need to think about them. Follow the author through his facebook page or on twitter. NEXT: ARCHERY BREATHING TECHNIQUES WITH RANDY ULMER
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