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5 Steps to Success With Your Archery Bow

Confidence is key

Anyone who has ever participated in the sport of archery knows that one of the main contributors to success is confidence. If you do not have that when you are shooting your compound bow, then there is a high likelihood that you will end up being a meager arrow slinger. Whether you are going for that revered double-lung shot or you are going for gold trying to hit the bulls eye, you have to be confident in your shot. In order to be as confident as possible, you should ensure that your compound bow is shooting to the best of its ability before you start to refine your form.

Check Your Archery Bow Strings and Cables

80-90% of the issues that customers come into the shop with are string or cable related. When you are shooting a compound bow, that is the price that you pay for all of the various mechanical advantages that you get because of the cams. Most shooters do not realize the amount of shots that they put their rig through during the hunting or target season. These shooters also do not think that this number is that high because they are not factoring in the amount of practice time that they put in. These numbers quickly add up and the last thing that you want is to have a string or cable failure before/during the season.

Check the Serving

I like to look for any fraying around the serving area or any inconsistencies near the cams. If you are not used to servicing your own archery bow, then I would highly suggest that you take it to your local pro shop. They should be able to tell you if the string and cables are good to go and they will most likely be able to handle the repair of your compound bow right then and there.

Practice and Paper Tune

Once the string has been set up (and/or the cables) you should fire it a couple of times to ensure that there is consistency. If you are making these repairs at home, then as you are shooting, you will want to paper tune the arrows as they are shooting off of your new string. Again, if you are not comfortable at doing these adjustments at home, most any pro shop should be able to help you paper tune your arrows. The concept here is consistency. You need to be able to know where your arrow is going to land as you are shooting your bow.

Now, Onto the Next Step

Once you have gotten the arrow where you want it time after time or once you get the bullet hole paper tuning. You need to hone in on your accuracy with the arrows that you will be shooting with. This means that if you are a hunter, then you must now practice with the broadheads that you will be using. If you are using a particular grain practice field point tip, then you should also factor that into the equation. Once you get your broadhead grouping equally as tight as your other groupings, you should now have the confidence to shoot your compound bow. It is from here that you can figure out which (if any) archery accessories you are going to need for the type of shooting that you plan on participating in.
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