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Excalibur Micro 335 Recurve Crossbow Review

Are you looking to go crossbow hunting with a recurve crossbow? If you are, then you have most likely checked out the likes of Barnett, TenPoint, and Kodabow. Depending on the your budget, you would might have also looked at Excalibur Crossbows. If you have looked at their line up, one of your questions might be: “should I purchase the Excalibur Micro 335 crossbow over the other models?”

The Micro 335 is HOW Small?

Recurve crossbow hunters did a double take when the 335 crossbow came out. They noticed it was only 25-1/2’’ long uncocked! That is something that is unheard of when you are talking about recurve crossbows. It comes down a full 3-1/2’’ when it is cocked for a 22’’ measurement from tip-to-tip. I am willing to wager that you can squeeze this crossbow into any space that you would need to get into.

R.E.D.S. Suppression System

Sure, the consensus is that recurves are loud, but this model makes that stigma go away. Excalibur addressed this issue on the Micro 335 by including their R.E.D.S. suppression system. These modules greatly help to reduce the noise by dampening much of the vibration and “twang” that you might otherwise hear.

The Excalibur Micro 335 is All About Control

The thumb hole, pistol grip, and rubber grips give you complete control over the Micro. Pretty much everything on the stock was designed to make this crossbow comfortable to shoot. The skeletonized stock is where a lot of the weight was taken off of the Micro 335, allowing it to have a mass weight that is only 5.2 pounds. The other thing that you can tell, is that Excalibur knew that many of its users would be taking this out into the field during winter. The oversized trigger is perfect for hunters that are wearing gloves! Taking this hunting weapon out into the field will be a breeze. Since it is so light, you can execute shots that you might not otherwise have been able to make. The Micro is able to generate and impressive 335 FPS speed from a 10’’ power stroke. The speed coupled with the lightweight nature allows spot and stalk hunters to get as close as necessary to get the kill.

This Recurve Crossbow is Not A Toy

The one facet about this bow that I would suggest looking into is the draw weight. When you make a recurve crossbow that is this compact (with these specs) you need to increase the draw weight. The Micro features a 270 pound draw weight which can be cut in half by the use of a rope cocking device. I would however, suggest that you invest in one of Excalibur's crank cocking devices. If you are looking for a compact recurve crossbow that performs, then the Excalibur Micro 335 is the way to go. The specs and overall performance put this crossbow in a class all by itself. There is no recurve crossbow out there that compares to it right now.
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