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7 Fastest Crossbows from

If you are like Ricky Bobby and "wanna go fast," check out the 7 fastest crossbows from

Speed kills. It's a concept we see nearly everywhere. From sports like football and basketball, to communications, marketing, and business. Speed seems to be as American as apple pie. Speed is also a trait many archers are looking for in their equipment. Increased arrow speeds offers lots of advantages to archers from flatter shots for easier aiming to decreased time from crossbow to target. If that target happens to be a spooky whitetail, the faster the arrow can get there the better. Crossbow manufacturers definitely realize consumer's need for speed, and have developed bows accordingly. Crossbows today really push the envelope as to how fast a bow can get. If you are a speed junkie, here are the 7 fastest crossbows offered for sale on


[caption id="attachment_6255" align="alignright" width="197"]Barnett Ghost 415 Barnett Ghost 415[/caption] At 415 feet per second, the Ghost 415 is the fastest crossbow on the website. It is actually the fastest compound crossbow currently manufactured at this time. 415 feet per second is insanely fast, especially when you consider the 185 pound draw weight. To put it in perspective, 415 feet per second converts to 283 miles per hour. That's more than three times faster than the average MLB pitcher's fastball.


The older model of the Ghost is still crazy fast. 410 feet per second ranks it as the second fastest crossbow on It uses the same 185 pound draw weight as the Ghost 415, but doesn't have quite the top end. The Ghost 410 was the fastest crossbow on the market until the Ghost 415 was released.


The first recurve crossbow enters the list of the fastest crossbows at number three. The Matrix 405 Mega was released in 2014 and, as the name indicates, is capable of reaching 405 feet per second. As with all fast recurve crossbows, the draw weight on the Mega is a bit stiff at 290 pounds. If you are a traditionalist and want the simplicity of a recurve, with the top end speed of today's bows, the Mega is a great option. [caption id="attachment_6257" align="alignleft" width="250"]PSE-01208-2T PSE TAC Ordnance[/caption]


The PSE TAC Ordnance crossbow is not your everyday run-of-the-mill crossbow. This speed demon is designed to attach to the lower of an AR-15. In other words, this crossbow system is only about half complete. Attach it to the trigger and stock of your AR-15 and you have a deadly long distance shooter capable of hitting 405 feet per second.

THE 400'S

Finally, the list of the fastest crossbows on the rounds out with three separate crossbows all capable of hitting the 400 feet per second milestone. The Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400, Darton FireForce, and Barnett RAZR CRT all push the limit of what a crossbow is capable of. 400 feet per second is dang fast, though not the fastest of the fast. For the speed freaks out there, there they are, the 7 fastest crossbows on the Buckle up before you test drive one of these, it could be a wild ride. NEXT: 4 BEST CROSSBOWS TO BUY WITH YOUR TAX RETURN
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