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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Archery Arrow Rests for Compound Bows: Full Containment or Drop Away?

  Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest offers full containment of the arrow. When it comes to bow hunting, and target archery, the most important part of the sport is accuracy. It does not matter which bow and arrow sport you choose, accuracy is always the goal. It is for this reason that the archery arrow rest is used in both archery as well as in bow hunting. The fundamental purpose of this device is to keep the arrow in a secure position while the compound or recurve bow is being shot. The two most popular options that are on the market right now are the full containment arrow rest and the drop away arrow rest. There are, of course, more options out there, but these are the two that get the most traffic because of their ease of use. The full containment variety can best be described through an arrow rest called the Whisker Biscuit. The reason that the Whisker Biscuit is so well loved is because of its simplicity. All that you need to do with this type of arrow rest is attach it to the pre-fabricated mounting holes on the riser and screw it in with the Allen Wrench provided. The arrow rest should then automatically line up so that you are ready to start shooting. They are a favorite among beginners because they offer full arrow containment while the shooter is still developing his or her fundamentals. If you are looking to minimize the chances that an arrow might go rogue, or if you are still working on your form, i would recommend that you choose the Whisker Biscuit. The other popular option that is on the market right now is called a drop away arrow rest. The drop away archery arrow rest is better for people who have concerns about their fletching clearance. When you are at full draw, this type of arrow rest holds the arrow securely in place, but the moment that you shoot the arrow it "drops away" so that no fletching comes into contact with the arrow rest. If you have developed your shooting sequence and you are comfortable with your bows draw cycle (if you have a compound bow) then I would recommend choosing a drop away arrow rest such as the PSE Phantom Drop Away Arrow Rest.Drop Away Arrow Rests offer some of the most clearance The debate on whether one is better than the other is strictly personal preference. As I stated earlier, there are many more options available on the market.  If you are someone that is just getting into bow hunting then I would recommend that you take a look at the Whisker Biscuit because there are no moving parts on it that will make noise and it will offer you a consistent shot. If you are looking for something that is going to give you 100% fletching clearance or you have been gotten comfortable with your shooting style, then you are better off getting the drop away style archery arrow rest.
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