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Archery Arrows: Best in the Industry

Archery is a very popular sport among teenagers and older people alike. As archers personalize their bows to give it an “personality”, many archery fanatics select the perfect arrow for them based on performance. Two of the best brands of archery arrows, Easton Archery and Beman Arrows, offer the latest and the best types of arrows for bow hunters and target shooters. Easton Most top archers today use Easton arrows in competitions. The Easton X10 is currently the most popular choice of arrow shaft among the best recurve archers in the world. In the 1996 Atlanta Games, the Easton X10 was redesigned as a carbon fiber coated aluminum tube. The arrow was thicker in the middle and tapered as it goes to the two tips. It’s this style that made the Easton’s thinnest arrow shaft. Being thin, this arrow is not affected by the wind as it travels to the target. Compared to other shafts, the X10 holds downrange velocity greater than other types of shafts making it more accurate.

Aluminum arrows have the highest accuracy than any other types of arrows. Weight and spine are two of the most important aspects in arrow-accuracy, and aluminum can provide a perfect manufacturing specification for both. Aluminum arrows have better flight capabilities, and because they are heavier, aluminum arrows penetrate better making it very deadly among hunting bows. Easton has a wide variety of choices of aluminum arrows, both for hunting and target archery. One of their finest creations, the X7, is probably the best aluminum arrow ever created up to today. Before the popularity of carbon and aluminum-carbon combination arrows, indoor and outdoor archers use the X7 for their shooting needs. Today, only a few uses the X7 only for indoor archery and other types are being used outdoors. Other aluminum arrows made by the Easton Company are the Jazz, Legacy, Stalker, XX75, and Genesis. Aluminum arrows manufactured with carbon are the Navigator, X10 Protour, ACE, and the FMJ Navigator. Carbon archery arrows are the most commonly used arrows due to its light weight. Having lesser weight means having greater velocity and a flat trajectory. The added speed helps greatly in calculating the range of the arrow’s flight. The problems with carbon arrows are, it is not as accurate as its aluminum counterpart, and since it is light weight, carbon arrows lose velocity quickly resulting in less penetration to the target. The Beman brand is one of the pioneers in carbon arrow technology. Even today, the company is still developing new methods of improving their arrows and continuously adapting to change. Beman arrows have the perfect balance of speed, strength and durability making it one of the most trusted arrows of pros and sportsmen alike. Hybrid Carbon and Aluminum arrows provide the best of both types of arrows. A carbon arrow is durable and strong, while an aluminum arrow has its weight tolerance and accuracy. Although this arrow is better than either types alone, this type’s enhanced manufacturing process make it more expensive than either of them. If an archer can afford it, the Hybrid A/C arrow is the best to use especially among pro-shooters and bow hunters alike. Choosing between an aluminum arrow, a carbon arrow, or a hybrid of both, depends on the capabilities and shooting style of the archer. All three archery arrows have their pros and cons; it is the archer who should adjust to them.  
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