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Archery Bow (2012)

Archery can be a practice, an art and a skill in using both the bow and arrow. Coming from the Latin word 'Arcus', this has been in the lives of people way back in history for combat and hunting purposes but in much modern times; archery is now a recreational activity and a person who participates in archery is called a 'bowman' or an 'archer'. A person who is fond of archery or is an expert in the sport is often called a "toxophile" - a student, or lover of archery. Just like everything else in the lives of many people, there will always be modified or newer versions of technology, vehicles, clothing etc. Archers on the other hand, crave for much better, much stronger bows for better performance. For generations now, people have found ways to enhance both their equipment and skill in every sport known to man; they would most likely only want the best to be the best. Companies who make bows work hard to construct enhanced bows for archery, to captivate the attention of many archers from all over the world. One of these companies, known as Mathews Archery; has unveiled their new bows for archery for this year.   Matthews Heli-m new bow was known to be the bow that took 20 years of technology and Matthews innovation taken into it. It is known to be the lightest of all the archery bows ever created, weighing 3. 5 lbs with a 7" height. This archery bow has the IBO speed, measuring to a surprising 332fps and Matthews vibration and sound dampening technology makes this one of the major contenders in the year 2012 lineup for archery bows.   Other bows are that of Bowtech, Insanity CPXL and CPX. One of the changes in these archery bows is that its overdrive binary cams are found at the end of the bows limb rather than being on top like the Destroyer and Invasion series. The Bowtech Insanity CPX archery bow has the speed of 355 FPS, the axle length of 32", a brace height of 6". Its draw length measures from a 25. 5" to a 30' and its peak draw weighs from 50 to 80 pounds while its weight is 4. 3 pounds in measurement.   The Bowtech Insanity CPXL has the speed of 340 FPS, a brace height 7", an axle length of 35", draw length of 27. 5" to 32". Its peak draw weights from 50 to 80 pounds and the bow itself weights 4. 4 pounds. The weight, height and the speed of bows used in archery vary and due to the fact year after year, the competitively of man and women in this sport have risen to new heights so has the companies who create bows. They always want to create something new, something better and something that all archers would want to have. In competitions, only the best are chosen and this is why archery bows are created at its best year after year for the sake of the sport and for those who compete for the title of being the best.   Check out more Archery Bows here.
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