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Are Crossbows Good for Preppers? Video Breakdown of Top Pros and Cons

If you are a prepper, and have thought about adding a crossbow to your kit, you may find this video informative.

Prepping has become a sort of American phenomenon over the past few decades. Some people are alarmed the world is becoming more and more complex, technology is creeping deeper into our lives, and we are moving further from our roots. Out of that anxiety people have actively started preparing for the fall of society as we know it. Perhaps you are a prepper yourself, or are interested in the idea. Maybe you've already gotten your stockpile started. Indeed, it seems one of the biggest question preppers discuss and debate is the weapon cache they'll need when SHTF. Maybe you've been wondering about whether crossbows are good for preppers, or if one suits your needs? If so, you're not the only one to consider such a weapon in post-societal times. In fact, one Youtuber, Canadian Prepper, released a video discussing the pros and cons of a crossbow for prepping. Here is the brief video in case you haven't yet seen it. Although I'm not a prepper, I'd have to say from a hunter's standpoint he is spot-on. In fact he is pointing to advantages crossbows have offered ever since their creation. The crossbow is one weapon with a really old history. Although in America we tend to think of the crossbow as a Medieval weapon, it actually is much older than that. In fact, sources tell us the Chinese were using the crossbow 500 years before the birth of Christ. It was also used by the Greeks and Romans. Wherever it was used, the crossbow always offered a few major advantages. Good accuracy, powerful projectiles, and very little training to become proficient. Not surprisingly things have not changed all that much. Even with the advent of firearms, crossbows still provide the same benefits as they did centuries ago. As the review touched on, crossbows can be accurate to distances out to 100 yards, provide a relatively quiet weapon, and don't take a tremendous amount of practice to become adequate with when compared with primitive bows. The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. [caption id="attachment_6844" align="alignright" width="179"]Recurve crossbow Are crossbows good for preppers? You may find their advantages a good fit.[/caption] In the review, the gentleman noted the different types of crossbows. He also mentioned that crossbows are very expensive. The truth is, although flagship crossbows can soar over $1,000, in reality many crossbows retail for a pretty reasonable price. In fact there are a number of adequate crossbows that retail for less than $200. Generally speaking, you can also expect to pick up a decent recurve crossbow for less than a compound crossbow. As mentioned in the review, recurve crossbows also have fewer moving parts, thus less that can fail. Whether you are a prepper or a hunter, the advantages of crossbows are still the same. They are good hunting tools that can help you bring home the bacon. Are crossbows good for preppers? As a non-prepper, I can't offer much in the way of advice. I could simply agree with Canadian Prepper's analysis of the weapon. If you are a prepper, and are considering a crossbow, hopefully you found this review useful. NEXT: WATCH THE CONSTRUCTION OF A SURVIVAL CROSSBOW IN MINUTES
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