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3 Benefits of Bowfishing for Carp

Hit your local lake or river this summer to go bowfishing for carp, and you may benefit from these 3 perks.

[caption id="attachment_6849" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Carp You may appreciate these 3 benefits of bowfishing for carp.[/caption] Who doesn't love a good day spent bowfishing at the local waterhole? Summer rays, cool water, archery, and some relaxation sounds like a great afternoon to me. For many reasons this archery pastime has become tremendously popular over the past few decades. There are likely a few factors that influence its popularity. Not only are carp overpopulated in many waterways, but their big golden bodies provide excellent targets for a well aimed fiberglass arrow. You certainly don't have to be an archery pro to have a good time on the water either. A little adjustment for refraction, and you'll likely be arrowing them in no time. One reason some folks balk at bowfishing for carp is the waste of the fish. Most folks just shoot them and ditch them on the bank. While this is par for the course for some bowfishers, it doesn't sit well with others. Luckily if you are a little adventurous you can find a variety of other uses for carp besides fertilizing the creek bank or feeding some birds. Here are 3 side benefits of bowfishing for carp you may not be aware of.

Garden Fertilizer

[caption id="attachment_6852" align="alignright" width="227"]Buried carp. Using carp as soil fertilizer is one great benefit.[/caption] As I mentioned in the introduction, carp make a good fertilizer. This fact may help them find value in your garden soil. Many people know the Pilgrims used fish beneath their beds of corn to add nutrients to the sandy soil of Plymouth. Why can't we use carp the same today? If you happen to skewer a few of the bottom feeders, you can always take them home and bury them in the garden for an added boost to your crops. You may be surprised at how much better you garden crops do with the added boost.


Unbeknownst to most folks, you actually can eat carp. Many people claim the meat is muddy tasting and there are too many bones to safely consume the meat. The truth is there are a number of ways to eat carp. If you are interested in eating carp, you may find this post useful. The fellow in the linked video explains the importance of handling the fish correctly to remove the muddy taste. It is certainly worth a watch and may help you find actual food value in the often wasted fish.


Another little known fact to many people is the fact you can actually tan carp skin. If you are into leather work or tanning, it might be a side benefit the carp will offer. You might be surprised at the beautiful skins people are making these days out of carp. If you are interested, the best part is you can almost get the skins for free and try experimenting with them. If you get a spare afternoon I would encourage you to pick up your bow and head out bowfishing for carp. It is a relatively cheap hobby to pick up and there are not many extra accessories needed. Not only will you have an enjoyable day, but you may be able to experiment with any of these 3 benefits carp will offer. NEXT: BOWFISHING GEAR; IT'S NEVER TOO SOON TO LOOK
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