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Company Spotlight: Condor Outdoors

The unique lineup of gear from Condor Outdoors may be just what you are looking for.

Gear says a lot about your personality. We notice this fact each time we head to a shoot, meet a new archer, or meet someone in the field. Some folks are ultra-modern and their gear reflects this priority. Other people are more primitive at heart and you can tell this instantly from the primitive bow and other gear in their hands. Still others just want to get the job done and are all about utility. These folks have just what they need, nothing fancy and no frills. One outdoor gear company, Condor Outdoors, is producing a specialty gear lineup that may be just what you are searching for. For the past 20 years Condor Outdoors has been in the outdoor gear industry. They started out creating gear for the average outdoorsman; tents, backpacks, etc. As they progressed in their development, the company slowly charted a course into the realm of tactical gear. It was a niche they filled superbly. As their website puts it: "As our product line expanded, the demand for function focused gear instead of general storage became more prevalent and as the War on Terror started we could not keep up with the demand for our products." Simply put, people looking for military-style tactical gear couldn't get enough of the Condor gear. Their product lineup now includes clothing that can be worn for hunting, or as everyday apparel. They also feature uncommon products like their lightweight armored vest and ammunition chest rigs. While not everyone's cup of tea, these specialty products might suit your needs. Here are a few promotional videos from the company showcasing their products. [caption id="attachment_6857" align="alignright" width="201"]3-Day Assault Pack Condor Outdoors 3-Day Assault Pack[/caption] Although these videos show what the Condor Outdoors lineup is about, perhaps their most representative product is their packs. Condor packs come in a variety of styles and purpose. From hydration bladders, to fannies, to rifle cases, to large duffles, these guys have you covered. Their most popular product, the 3-Day assault pack, highlights the quality of their gear. This pack has one large storage compartment for the bulk of your gear, but also features 6 other smaller compartments. All told, this pack has over 3,000 cubic inches of space for your gear. It is built for comfort, with shoulder, sternum, and the important waist strap. Simply put, this is a solid pack that has ample space. All it may be missing is a light internal frame to help carry the weight, but for the price it has proven to be a very popular pack. While the gear from Condor Outdoors might not fit everyone's taste, they do provide niche gear perfect for some. With a 20 year track record you can bet you're getting a quality product from a proven company. You can't stay in business that long by making shoddy outdoor gear. No matter your personality, tinpot gear just doesn't pass the test and neither do the companies making it. NEXT: 3 WAYS YOU CAN START USING CAMO NETTING IN THE OUTDOORS
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