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Samick Sage Takedown Recurve: Your Ticket into Trad Archery

The Samick Sage takedown recurve is a great bow for the price, and can help you break into the world of traditional archery.

I've often wrote about the trepidation felt when buying your very first bow. Maybe its because I remember actually buying my first bow. Not only was I broke, but although I had shot bows prior to that bow, archery was still unfamiliar territory. Looking back, I've never regretted the purchase for even an instant and it was some of the best money I've ever spent. Perhaps you find yourself in the same situation. Archery's simplicity and beauty has caught your attention, but your not ready to take a huge financial plunge. If that is the case, it may be worth your time to check out the Samick Sage takedown recurve. This recurve bow is becoming extraordinarily popular for a few reasons. [caption id="attachment_6861" align="alignright" width="206"]Samick Sage Takedown Recurve The Samick Sage Takedown Recurve[/caption] First off, the Samick Sage takedown is a recurve that offers an array of weight choices. These weights range from a youth friendly 25 pounds to an elk killing 55 pounds. For traditional bows draw weight is determined at a 28 inch draw. That means if you buy the 25 pound set, you'll only be drawing 25 pounds once you hit a 28 inch draw. If you happen to draw less, say a kid drawing 20 inches, you'll actually be drawing less than the 25 pound limbs are rated. Probably nearer to 20 pounds in this example. On the other hand, if a large person buy the same 25 pound limbs and draws them to 31 inches, they would be pulling more than 25 pounds. The reason is that as the string is drawn more tension is put on the limbs. More tensions equals more weight. With such a wide variety of weight choices, the Samick Sage takedown has a model that will fit you. Another neat aspect of the Sage is the interchangeable limb system. With this system you can swap out limbs to change the draw weight. Let's say you wanted to get a light bow to learn with for a few years, but also consider hunting in the future. You could buy the light bow to get your form down, then in a few years buy a new set of limbs heavy enough to hunt with. It avoids people having to buy a brand new bow to increase, or decrease, their weight, which is nice. The ability to change the bow's limbs easily has made this bow especially popular with bushcrafters and minimalists. The whole bow breaks down into a small pack for transport and can be assembled without any tools. If you are the type who enjoys heading into the woods with minimal gear, it might be a good option. The final point on the Samick takedown worth mentioning is the price. This bow currently retails for $139.99. If you are a bit uneasy about dropping a bunch of money on a new bow, the Sage might help ease that feeling. Whether you are wanting to target shoot, harvest big game, or practice your survival skills, this bow can be your ticket into that world. Archery is a sport that has an array of positive benefits. It not only can get you out into the world to learn about the creatures that live there, but can also teach you a lot about yourself. Traditional archery especially requires you to hone traits like patience, focus, and discipline. It can actually improve other aspects of your life as well. For a reasonable price the Samick Sage takedown can help be your key to unlocking the wonderful world of archery. NEXT: 3 MOST AFFORDABLE CROSSBOWS FOR UNDER $200
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