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Back by Popular Demand and Better than Ever; Jaguar II Recurve Crossbow

The next generation Jaguar II crossbow from Southland Archery Supply is sure to have the same appeal as its popular predecessor.

SAS-673B-2TIf you were the CEO of a major archery company who had developed an incredibly popular product what would you do? Well, the folks at Southland Archery Supply (SAS) had to answer just that very question. It had been a few years since releasing a the well-liked Jaguar recurve crossbow that provided archers with a heavy duty and affordable hunting crossbow. SAS decided not to rest on their laurels, and put their energy into development of the next generation of Jaguar; the Jaguar II recurve crossbow. [caption id="attachment_6392" align="alignright" width="250"]Jaguar II Jaguar II[/caption] The Jaguar II has many of the same attributes that made the initial Jaguar so popular. It is heavy duty, hard hitting, and affordable, but it also offers some new improvements. For starters this crossbow was redesigned to shoot significantly faster than the Jaguar I. Registering arrow speeds of 260 feet per second makes the II a full 15 feet per second faster than the I. Since both crossbows have the same draw weight of 175 pounds the increase may be attributed to the slightly wider limbs of the Jaguar II (28.5 inches) and improvement in limb technology over the past few years. Another aspect of the Jaguar II shooters will appreciate is the adaptability this crossbow offers. The rear stock of this bow was completely redesigned and reduced of excess material. You'll quickly notice the sleek design of the II and its almost tactical appearance. This makeover wasn't all about appearance however. The new rear stock design offers shooters the ability to adjust its length up to 3 inches, helping you find just the right shooting position. One facet of the Jaguar II SAS didn't skimp over was keeping the mass weight of this recurve crossbow down. One thing folks loved about the Jaguar I was the mass weight registering less than five pounds (4.84 pounds). Nearly all other recurve crossbows weigh in at over six pounds, and people enjoyed the lighter weight Jaguar. Keeping with what customers wanted, the Jaguar II is still a slim recurve crossbow weighing in at only 4 pounds and 12 ounces. If you can get a lightweight crossbow with nearly the same performance as a heavier crossbow, why not go with the light one? In addition to its performance and build, the Jaguar II comes equipped with all the other accessories and safety features you would expect. If bought as a package the II comes with three arrows, a bow mounted quiver, red dot scope, a rope cocking device, and a bit of rail lube. Include some field points with your order and you'll have everything you need to hit the range. As far as safety features go, this crossbow has a solid safety switch and the fore grip is designed to keep your fingers out of harm's way. The final advantage of the Jaguar II also stays right in line with its forerunner. Retailing at only $169.99 it can fit in folk's budget. This might be appealing to experienced shooters who trust the performance of the Jaguar I, and also makes it a good option for new shooters looking to get involved in traditional crossbow shooting. Whether you are looking for a hunting crossbow with high performance, a light weight crossbow to hit the mountain with, or an affordable bow that comes complete with everything you would expect, the Jaguar II deserves serious consideration. NEXT: CROSMAN SNIPER 370 CROSSBOW; DOES IT OUTPERFORM YOUR CURRENT SETUP?
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