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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Barnett Pro Diablo 2 Slingshot: Power and Precision like No Other

With the introduction of the slingshot series Pro Diablo 2, the leading archery brand Barnett is ready to change the game. Designed for high-precision shooting, this catapult boasts of a professional-grade construction that passes the requirements of both beginners and advanced level shooters. Coupled with new features and the signature accuracy of Barnett outdoor equipments, the Diablo 2 ensures better performance for shooters of various expertise. Barnett Pro Diablo II Slingshot with Stabilizers Accurate Shot in One Aim For many beginners, it is often a test of patience to aim at a target and shoot successfully in one single stroke. It is indeed a proverbial “hit or miss” for the first-timers. Pro Diablo 2 helps improve this skill with the adjustable sight incorporated to its handgrip. By looking through this sighting device, one can perform accurate shots from a certain distance. Posture and grip also have something to do with accuracy. A slight movement of the arms, whether due to the flimsy handle or sudden muscle strain, can easily affect precision. Most of the time, a shooter would miss a target by a few inches. To better increase the chances of hitting targets accurately, the Diablo 2 also comes equipped with a unique stabilizing system. This 3-piece weighted device serves as a means for achieving steadier aims. It works by “locking” the arm at a specific position parallel to the target. Ergonomic Grip for Better Performance Many manufacturers today are gearing their catapults towards precision shooting that they tend to overlook one main ingredient in successful slingshot practice: ease of use. Barnett makes it possible for the users to enjoy a comfortable grip without sacrificing the functionality of the tool. Pro Diablo 2 features a soft, contoured handgrip that fits the hand perfectly. This new design comes with a non-slip exterior to allow better grip despite long hours of shooting targets. The Diablo 2 also includes a removable wrist brace that can be used to provide support while aiming at a target. Its detachable quality allows it to be transformed into a traditional catapult especially when state restrictions apply. Powerful Shots in Speed of Light Barnett complements the accuracy of the Pro Diablo 2 with the sophisticated Magnum Power Band, which helps propel the steel ammos at a higher velocity. Through this tubular band, the shots are made more lethal. Hence, hunters may find it useful for pursuing small game animals. Given the combination of power, accuracy and speed, Pro Diablo 2 is easily the best value for money. It is one of the few top performing brands in its range. Click to check out the Barnett Slingshots.
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