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3 Best Crossbow Carbon Arrows for the Money

Crossbow Arrows Can Add Up Quickly

Given today's economy it is normal for every hunter to look for the best bang their buck. This is especially true when you are purchasing hunting arrows. Purchasing a dozen carbon arrows can add up extremely fast. This is the reason that you need to make sure that you know what arrows are out there. Luckily for our readers we have the data on the best carbon arrows at Thecrossbowstore. Below are the top 3 best selling crossbow arrows and bolts for your crossbow based on quality, price and durability.

Carbon Express Bolts

Crossbow bolts from Carbon Express are often considered to be some of the best. They can typically cost around $35 to $55. With these bolts, you can be certain that the build quality is there.  The material is not too light or too heavy and it has consistent structure, making it a very stable option even when used repeatedly. What matters in this sport is consistency. That is why carbon is the best choice when purchasing quality crossbow arrows. You can choose from bolts that range in lengths from 20 to 22 inches. If your crossbow manual states that you can use 20-22'' arrows, then Carbon Express arrows are the way to go. I shoot the CX Crossbolt Series. They have a diameter that measures 0.348'' and straightness deviation of ±0.004 inch. The CX Crossbolt Series from Carbon Express will give you the durability, precision and stability you want in your crossbow arrows.

Barnett Crossbow Arrows

Barnett Outdoors is another great company that sells crossbow bolts. They take pride in their 20-inch Headhunter crossbow arrows with field points. You can also get them in either 20 or 22''.  The field points sits flush with the shaft of the arrow. This feature allows better penetration so it can be used to hunt large game. You can shoot a deer with this arrow at around 120 feet. I do not recommend that you take that shot, but this arrow can definitely fly that far. Like the CX Crossbolt, Barnett’s Headhunter arrows are made with carbon composites. A box costs around $37 to $40, depending on where you buy; customers recommend buying this one because it is cheaper and it doesn't sacrifice quality and performance.

Southland Archery Crossbow Bolts

  You can get the features of expensive arrow brands for less than $30 when you buy 22'' crossbow bolts from Southland Archery. They are hands down the best bang for your buck.  The arrow is made of quality carbon fiber so you are guaranteed that it will last you longer than just a few shooting sessions. These arrows contain brass inserts so that their penetration is enhanced. These 22'' bolts have a polished finish and removing the arrow from the target is easy. There is no need to struggle and less chance of damaging your bolts. This is made even easier if you make sure to but some arrow lube or arrow snot on your bolts before firing at your target. These crossbow arrows are best used with a 150-pound crossbows.

Conclusion on Crossbow Arrows

No matter how good the arrows are, nothing will matter if the shooter isn't any good. If you practice diligently, then there is no reason that you should not be accurate with any of these arrows. Carbon Express, Barnett Crossbows, and Southland Archery are just a few of our customers top choices. They tend to be the best price for the quality. Before you head out to purchase these arrows, you need to make sure that your manufacturers manual states that 20 or 22'' arrows are safe to use. Once you have your arrows, make sure you practice, and there is no reason that you shouldn't put meat in the freezer this year.
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