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Best Hunting Slingshot - The Weapon Ancestry

The bow has been used throughout every major war before gunpowder was invented. It was a turning point in ancient warfare because it allowed people to kill their enemies from a distance. It was a major success and has started the innovation for long range warfare. Arguably, it was the turning point both for war and for sport. There is however an underlying question with this. What was the long range weapon of choice before the bow? Barnett Pro Diablo II Slingshot with Stabilizers The slingshot is arguably considered as the ancestor of the bow. Both of these weapons use the same materials – an elastic band which could propel the ammunition and a strong piece of wood which could withstand the elasticity of the band. The structure consists of a Y-shaped wood, typically from a branch, and an elastic band bound in between the Y-shape. They were used by people mainly for hunting. The people needed a long range weapon so as not to scare the animals away. This weapon could also be used to hit fruit from above the trees so that the fruits would fall to the ground. Some people question the use of this weapon in the sport of hunting because of the presence of modern rifles and guns. Enthusiasts argue that the use of this weapon presents an entirely different challenge from the use of guns. Furthermore, they argue that this weapon lean more on the skill of the user than the weapon itself. The best type of this weapon to be used for hunting should be able to propel any ammunition for a considerable amount of distance to hit the farthest target possible. This is done so that the prey would not detect the presence of the hunter. It should also possess enough durability to last for a very long time. The weapon is made of wood and they have the tendency to break if the elastic band is pulled farther than its intended elasticity. They should also possess a wide distance between the Y-shaped handle. This enables the use of multiple ammunition, including arrows, and not only limited to small rocks. Finally, it should possess an elastic band which could be pulled enough to increase strength while maintaining its elasticity to sling the ammunition toward its intended target. It is to be noted however that the weapon has undergone modernization and has already deviated from the customary wood material. They now employ the use of plastic for the handle. Check out the Hot Barnett Pro Diablo II Slingshot with Stabilizers.
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