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Best Target Bow Ever Made: PSE XPression

People are praising the PSE Xpression as hands down being the best target bow ever made.

When the general public hears about archery, most instantly get an image of hunting in their mind. Truth be told, hunting has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity but it is not the only aspect of archery seeing rising popularity. People are finding out there is certainly more than one way to enjoy all that archery has to offer. Target shooters are also being recruited everyday to our great sport. Now there are differences between target bows and compound bows for hunting. Like hunting bows however, target bows have been seeing tremendous advances the past decade or so. One bow hitting the market in 2016 that has people simply slack jawed is the PSE Xpression. [caption id="attachment_6186" align="alignright" width="250"]PSE Xpression PSE Xpression[/caption] In 2015 PSE unveiled the Xpression and people instantly took notice. The first thing that strikes you about this bow is the elegance. The new flowing design gives this bow a look of being something brand new. Beyond its visual appeal the PSE Xpression has been manufactured for supreme accuracy and nothing else. It has the long axle to axle length that target shooters prefer and stretches the tape at 40 inches. This bow also weighs in at nearly five pounds and center shot riser which help increase accuracy as well. In addition to the basic design of the Xpression there are a few added features to increase accuracy. Several features were included for adaptability and allow the bow to conform to the individual shooter. One such feature is Wedge-Lock limb pocket that allows shooters to adjust the limb position to be most accurate from their shooting posture. Small adjustments made in this area can have huge accuracy impacts on the range. This bow is also capable of accepting a variety of after market add ons that increase performance as well. Its one thing for people to talk about how exceptional the PSE Xpression is, but it is a whole other thing to see it in real life. One such example occurred late last summer. In August 2015 a PSE professional shooter named Chris Perkins was in Arizona at a tournament. The Xpression was unveiled Friday night to the general public as well as the PSE shooting team on hand. Perkins was so impressed he asked if he could shoot the bow in the tournament that weekend. After a few phone calls were made the trigger was pulled and Chris began to customize the bow for the tournament the next day. Over the course of the weekend Perkins would go from a brand new out-of-the-box bow to 5th place by Saturday night, and then shoot his way out of the pack to win the tournament by Sunday afternoon. In other words, he went from a package bow, to outshooting some of the top pros in the business in a little more than 24 hours. If that's not proof in the pudding, I'm not sure what is. Many people in the archery community are calling this bow the next big thing. If you are a serious target archer, the PSE Xpression is a bow you must at least take a look at. NEXT: NEW COMPOUND BOWS OF 2016; PSE BOW MADNESS 34
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