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Blazer Vanes; Watch This Slow Motion Video to See Them in Action

Blazer vanes are some of the most popular, accurate, and durable vanes on the market.

How much attention do you pay to your gear? Are you one of those gear nuts that scrutinizes every allen bolt, or do you let things ride and just shot whatever comes stock on your equipment? If you are a gear nut, you've likely already heard of Blazer vanes and know their benefits. If you take a more passive approach to your gear, you might be missing out on what Blazer vanes bring to the table.

Blazer Vanes

Blazer vanes were created more than a decade ago and have been extremely popular ever since. Watch any hunting TV show, read any magazine article, or just check out hunting pictures on the web, and you are likely to see these small plastic vanes featured in the majority of shots. Why are these compact vanes so popular? Well, one reason is their proven track record. These vanes have simply proven themselves time and time again in the field. The effectiveness of Blazer vanes is no accident. The folks at Bohning spent a lot of time designing, and redesigning, this popular product. Check out this video to see how well they work. As you can tell from the video, these vanes are not something Bohning released and then forgot about. These are a product that have been continually tinkered with for over a decade. When you buy this year's Blazer vanes, you're buying the best they have. One interesting talking point on the subject the host brought up in the video is on the topic of offset versus helical fletching. This is a reference to the angle at which the vane is placed on the shaft. Offset can best be described as very slightly angled. With an offset fletching, if you were to draw a line down the center of your arrow shaft the front and back of the vanes would be on opposite sides of the line. Helical on the other hand refers to a noticeable twist of the vane. The host mentions he shoots a 3˚ offset. This is a modest twist that really helps create spin on the arrow. Like a spiraling football, this spin promotes accuracy in the shot. Whether you shoot helical or offset, Blazer vanes are good enough to get the job done at bowhunting ranges. These sturdy and compact vanes are great for compound bows and crossbows alike. If you are a gear nut, you've probably already experimented with them and likely shoot them. On the other hand, if you take a hands off approach you might think about giving them a try. Not only are they functional, but at $14.99 for 100, they are cheap as well. It's hard to imagine that most bowhunters out there right now would be using these vanes if they weren't so darn good. NEXT: HOW TO FLETCH YOUR OWN ARROWS IN 8 EASY STEPS
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