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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Bow Hunting Tips: Compound Bow Hunting during Winter

ompound bow hunting Bow hunting in the cold weather is something else. I do not know if you have ever been in frostbite-type weather, but if you have, then you know that it is not something that you want to be in everyday. Even the slightest gust of wind picking up will cause you to shiver in your hunting clothes. What many people fail to realize is that whitetails have a similar idea in regards to staying away from the weather. If you are able to do your research on weather patterns for a given period of time you can predict when the animals will come out for food. Then you can stick them with a double lung shot. ompound bow hunting We live in an age of technology where every hunter can be a semi-proficient weather man/women. Previous compound bow hunting enthusiasts were limited to the good ol’ weather channel. While some may still use this method (and use it well) there are far more efficient ways to predict the weather. The advancement of smart phones has led way to the introduction of hunting specific weather apps that will give you real-time and hourly weather updates so that you will never be stuck out in the cold again. I believe that if you use these at the same time that you use the conventional methods, you will be able to predict the movement of a storm. You need to make sure that you know when the storm is supposed to hit, how long it will last and when it will pass. Then you can set up your compound bow hunting schedule around your knowledge of the storm.

ompound bow hunting

Deer will be mostly on the move before a big storm is about to hit and immediately after one has hit. These animals are very smart creatures. If you can catch them before the storm is about to hit then they will most likely be in a panic to find as much food to eat as possible for the upcoming storm. You can rest assured that they will not typically move around during the storm because they are trying to preserve their calorie reserves. If the storm lasted for a long time, you can count on the animals to feed for extended periods of time in preparation for the next big storm. If you learn how to read the weather properly, you can increase your chances for success.    
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