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Buying a New Bow? Here are 3 Options to Fit Everyone's needs

Some guys buy a new bow every year, and some buy one for a lifetime. If you are looking at buying a new bow this offseason, here are 3 compound bows to satisfy everyone's needs.

The offseason is a time to tinker for the avid bowhunter. During the early months of the year most hunts in the country have finished up, and most spring hunts are still months away. If you are looking to make a radical change in your gear, like buying a new bow, these months are the best time to pull the trigger for the year round hunter. Buying a bow is a highly personalized decision that can only be decided on by the individual archer. Here are 3 bows that might meet your needs for your purposes.

Speed- PSE Full Throttle

[caption id="attachment_5867" align="alignleft" width="250"]PSE Full Throttle PSE Full Throttle[/caption] The PSE Full Throttle is the bow for the speed junkie. If you are looking for the absolutely fastest bow out there, the PSE Full Throttle has to come up on your radar. Hitting speeds of 370 fps, is a remarkable feat for a compound bow, but that is just what the Full Throttle is capable of doing. Many guys like buying super fast bows for a number of reasons. One, if your bow is fast enough it eliminates multiple pins at close distances, which serves whitetail hunters extremely well. Secondly, with a super fast bow you can hopefully deliver an arrow faster than a deer can react to the sound. If those are important to you, the PSE Full Throttle is worth taking a look at.

The Hunter- Bear Domain

[caption id="attachment_5868" align="alignright" width="250"]Bear Domain Bear Domain[/caption] Few archery manufacturers have a reputation like Bear Archery, and few bows have the all around utility of the Bear Domain compound bow. The Bear Domain, and other bows like it, don't really tip the scale at any extreme. Not built to be the absolute fastest bow out there, not built to be the lightest bow, and not built to be the flashiest bow with the most gizmos, this bow is built to do one thing; hunt. It is designed to be a smooth drawing, straight shooting, and dependable hunting tool. If you are a blue collar type of guy or gal, and you want a bow that can reflect your personality, take a hard look at the Bear Domain.

Adaptability- Diamond Provider

[caption id="attachment_5869" align="alignleft" width="251"]Diamond Provider Diamond Provider[/caption] The Diamond Provider is a great bow for anybody looking for an extremely adaptable bow. Diamond has made a name for themselves by creating bows with the ability to adjust draw weights and lengths very easily. Personally my wife shoots a Diamond, and absolutely loves her bow. With a growing family she doesn't get all the time in the world to shoot, so we typically keep the poundage pretty low. When she is ready to go hunting, she just needs to practice for a few weeks and we can bump the poundage up to something realistic for hunting. Simply put, it is a great bow for her lifestyle and needs. These bows absolutely do not cover the entire arsenal of bows out there, but hopefully can offer some direction for the person looking at buying a new bow this offseason. NEXT: 3 HUNTING RESOLUTIONS FOR 2016
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