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Byron Ferguson in Slow Motion; Watch the Best Archer in Action

If you have never heard of Byron Ferguson, prepare to be blown away by his incredible accuracy.

[caption id="attachment_6578" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Byron Ferguson Byron Ferguson is one of the top archers in world history. Watch his skills in slow motion.[/caption] Part of the culture of archery are folktales of mythical shooters from the past. Shooters like Robin Hood and William Tell top this list, and their exploits are well known by archers and non-archers alike. Even semi-modern archers like Fred Bear and Howard Hill have earned their place in archery history. These gentlemen and their peers of the early to mid 20th century coaxed archery out of the waste bin and did so with the flair only an archer can appreciate. While archery has many heros in its past, we can't forget to acknowledge shooters of today who rank right up there with anyone in history. One such shooter is Byron Ferguson. Byron Ferguson was born and raised in Alabama where he still resides today. He picked up the bow and arrow at a young age and had a natural gift in the sport. Byron shot a traditional bow for much of his youth and then switched to a compound bow as soon as he could raise the money. He claims to have "missed everything he shot at" with that bow and longed for the days of his youth when he could hit a running rabbit with his trad bow. He soon made the switch back to traditional archery and has been shooting a longbow ever since. Over time he has developed some of the most exceptional shooting skills you are likely to see. Watch this video of Byron Ferguson shooting in slow motion to get an idea for how absolutely incredible he is. As you can see Byron Ferguson takes instinctive shooting to a whole new level. The story goes that Byron got his start in exhibition shooting at a friend's request. While the two were out deer hunting they stumbled upon a rattlesnake. Ferguson subsequently shot the snake through the head, much to the appreciation and amazement of his hunting partner. Several months later the friend was hosting an archery event and asked Byron to come shoot for the crowd. After showcasing his skills and knocking quarters out of the air Ferguson quickly earned a reputation for his skill. Before long his phone was ringing off the hook and was getting paid to shoot. These days Bryon Ferguson travels the globe with his archery exhibition. No matter how high tech we get in this world people are simply amazed at the simple magic of archery. Even though Ferguson is world renowned he still stays humble. In his own words "(Howard) Hill is the greatest archer that has ever lived. Period." and calls his own release "sloppy." Even with a "sloppy" release Ferguson is a great entertainer and a true blast to watch with a bow and arrow. Even though we may tell stories of archers of yesterday, let's not fail to appreciate the great archers of today. It may be fun to recount the deeds of the mythical Robin Hood, but it is also fun to see those same types of shots with today's slow motion video.

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