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Can a New Cocking Device Help Improve Your Crossbow Accuracy?

If you're looking to improve your crossbow accuracy, one place you might start is with a new cocking device.

[caption id="attachment_6734" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Crank cocking device A crank cocking device might be the next step to improving your crossbow accuracy.[/caption] Whenever you make gear decisions the most important question to ask is, "Will this improve my accuracy?" You can have all the speed, power, and flash you want, but if you are not accurate it doesn't matter. Sometimes you need to buy different arrows or broadheads to improve accuracy. Other times you may need to buy a whole new bow to improve your accuracy. One perhaps unnoticed way to improve your crossbow accuracy is with a bow mounted crank cocking device. If you are not familiar with crank cocking devices you might be missing out. Crank cocking devices refer to an implement that attaches to your bow and assist in cocking your crossbow. Some companies mount these standard on certain models of their crossbows. They are easy to operate and reduce the strain of cocking a crossbow to virtually zero. Another added benefit of a crank cocking device is the reported improved accuracy they deliver. One shooter performed a test on the subject of improved accuracy and posted the video to YouTube. It is interesting to see the difference in his accuracy while cocking his crossbow by hand, and then with a crank cock. As you can see, using a crank cocker while shooting, rather than cocking by hand, may really improve your crossbow accuracy. The results from this brief experiment shouldn't be viewed as ultimately conclusive for all shooters. There are simply too many variables for that conclusion. It can be said however, that for the individual in the video the device made a big difference. It would have also been nice to see the grouping using a rope cocker as well. After shooting the different groups you could hear the duo discuss thoughts as to why the crank cocker was much more accurate. It likely stems from the fact a crank cocker is much more repetitive than cocking by hand. Since it is hard mounted to the bow, it will pull the exact same way on the string every time. Secondly, the location it is mounted makes a big difference. Being mounted near the butt of the crossbow ensures the string is pulled straight back with no twisting to skew accuracy. If you are looking to improve your crossbow accuracy, a crank cocking device might be a good place to start. Depending on your accuracy demands and personal thoughts, you might benefit from the advantages it has. While many folks out there can shoot just fine cocking by hand or with a rope cocker, some might not. If nothing else, it would be hard to argue that a crank cocking device would hurt your accuracy. NEXT: LONG CROSSBOW SHOT; HOW WOULD YOU FARE AT THIS DISTANCE?
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