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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Carbon Revolution for Crossbow

Carbon Crossbow

Many crossbow manufacturers are now using carbon materials for their products. Materials still used are various alloys and aluminum, wood and plastic. All of these materials have various positive and negative aspects.

How Carbon Benefits Crossbows?

Barnett-Ghost-CRT-Crossbow The greatest benefit of carbon material is that it is incredibly light, strong and durable. This is why it is used in a vast array of technology and is popular. Carbon crossbows are going to be much lighter than crossbows which use wood and metals and other materials. This is an advantage to the hobbyist who is shooting at target ranges and the hunter who is using the tool to bring down game. And this light quality of carbon makes it even easier to transport and travel with the crossbow. Having light equipment to carry is a great benefit in any outdoor hobby. If the person is a serious hunter, they will most likely be out in the woods or similar environment for hours, if not even days. Having a light tool makes the carrying much easier. As well, a light tool is easier to manipulate and react with, and this benefits a hunter who may have to make quick reactions to moving game. The hobbyist may want more versatility in their weapon, and maybe shoot at moving targets and simulated reaction targets. Carbon will fulfill this need. Despite its light make-up, the material is incredibly strong. In many cases it is stronger than certain alloys and plastics. For any often used tool or weapon, strength and durability are incredibly important factors. Not only from the wear of being used – thrown on the ground, dragged through brush and more – but also from a reliability factor. A strong and durable weapon strikes more confidence in the owner and provides reliability. The combination that this material provides is really second to none. It may be the best material available for the combination of weight and strength and durability. Carbon crossbows, as with other equipment with carbon material tends to be very expensive. But, this is reflective of quality material. The life of this material is incredibly long and the advantages it provides outside of longevity can't be matched. It is beneficial for the serious hobbyist and hunter, who not only demand all the great possible qualities their weapon can offer, but also for the beginner who knows they will be dedicated to the sport and will receives all the advantages of a great weapon right away. Click here to get Ghost 400 Crossbow or Ghost 350 Crossbow.

New 2011 Crossbows Made of Carbon

TenPoint-Carbon-Fusion-CLS-CrossbowVarious manufacturers, including Barnett Crossbows and TenPoint Crossbows, make carbon crossbows, and some are available in the market now. The all new Barnett Ghost with CRT (Carbon Riser Technology) is a highly anticipated model and is now available. It is carbon based and is about 1 LBs less than the aluminum version while providing all the greatest aspects the weapon can offer. While Barnett brings us the new Ghost series, TenPoint’s new Carbon Fusion CLS and Carbon Xtra CLS also feature the carbon design. With industry’s first ever woven carbon fiber barrel, these two new lighter and quieter crossbows will hit the market in 2011. Thanks to the technology similar to that used for airframe of Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner, the Carbon Fusion CLS’s barrel reduces significantly of 20 oz from its original Phantom CLS design. Carbon really is the next wave in technology for crossbows. It is by far the best combination material and more and more manufacturers will concentrate on it. This will benefit all crossbow enthusiasts who will be getting the best technology and material in their hands.
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