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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Coming to Hunters near You: The Parker StingRay Bowfishing Crossbow

The StingRay is one of Parker Bows latest innovative specialty items yet! This bow was made specifically for the sport of Bowfishing and to better equipment this fast growing outdoor activity. What makes the Parker Stingray Bowfishing crossbow great for Bowfishing is that it can be used for both fresh and salt water Bowfishing, in addition to hunting a diverse variety of Bowfishing prey. With a weight of 7.5 pounds the Stingray increases the maneuverability of crossbow fish hunters. [caption id="attachment_3437" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Parker Crossbows: Leading in Innovation Parker Crossbows: Leading in Innovation[/caption] The draw weight of the Stingray can be adjusted from 100 to 125 pounds. Even more amazing is the fact that the adjustment can be done without requiring the need of a bow press or any sort of specialized equipment or tools. Included with the Stingray is a 25 yard long high visibility Dacron line which helps users see the trajectory of their shot and where their arrow lands. Like every other Parker crossbow, the Stingray uses the company’s EZ Pull System which, when used properly with a Red Hot EZ Roller Rope Cocker, reduces the effort needed for cocking by about 50%. Finally, the Stingray features what the company calls a unique “Fishouflage Camo”. Features:
  • Modern, Light Weight, Ultra Compact Design
  • G2 Bull-PupTrigger
  • Auto-engage, Ambidextrous Safety
  • Auto-engage Anti Dry-fire Mechanism
  • Vented Forearm with Safety Finger Flange
  • Optimal Balance Point for Improved Accuracy
  • RED HOT String
  • AMS Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel (Right Side Crank) with 200 feet of Hi-Vis Braided Dacron Line and 2 AMS Safety Slide Kits.
Arrow Alignment: WARNING! Without proper alignment of bolt and nock, a dry-fire could occur.
  • Use only AMS Bowfishing 1600 Gr. Arrow included with the StingRay
  • Inspect Arrow and Nock for damage BEFORE each shot.
  • Avoid ALL Obstructions when shooting.
Outfitter Package Accessories: Option of Optic:
  • Open Sight
  • 1X Illuminated Multi-Reticle Scope
StingRay also includes, Reel, Line, Bow Fishing Arrow and Mounting Hardware. Package Contents:
  • 1 x Parker StingRay Bowfishing Crossbow
  • 1 x Open Sight/1X Illuminated Multi-reticle Scope
  • 1 x AMS Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel
  • 1 x Bowfishing Arrow
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