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Common Pre-Season Bowhunting Mishaps

Common preseason bowhunting mishaps If you have ever been bow hunting, then you know that there are so many issues that can go wrong when you are out in the field. You can do everything right, and your gear could still mess up on you when you need it most. You can control everything in your power, step on a crunchy leaf, and then spook the deer at the last minute, and your hunt will be over. Then there are times when you are simply out of luck.

Focus on what you can control when bowhunting

What I am trying to get at here, is that even if you set yourself up for success, bad luck can quickly ruin it. If you focus on the items that are in your control, then you can increase your chances of getting a buck this season. There are some things that you can do to help minimize the possibly of any of these mishaps occurring. I can never say that there is a 100% chance that something won't happen, because there are always those freak accidents, but you can certainly set yourself up to succeed.

Remember to do all standard bow maintenance

You should always make sure that your gear is good to go before, during, and after you participate in your hunting activities. This includes the practicing sessions that you should have before the season opens. Ensure that the cams on your compound bow are timed correctly. Inspect the strings and the cables. Look in the location where there is a lot of wear and tear. If you are shooting with a D-loop, check that it is good to go. One of the most important places that you should inspect is the serving, and the area around the cams.

Practice with your gear

If there is one thing that I need to add to making sure your hunting gear is good to go, it's this; Practice with your broadheads! I shoot with my broadheads with my compound bow about 2-3 months before bow hunting season starts. This helps me to hone in my accuracy. I always see guys scrambling a few last-minute shots right Stepping on a crunchy leaf when bowhuntingbefore hunting season. I always think to myself, “Is this small amount of practice setting you up for success or failure?” Shooting with broadheads will highlight discrepancies in your bow setup. It is better to get this out of the way early, instead of when you are out in the field. As for spooking deer I think that the biggest factor will always be the wind. Deer have great olfactory glands that can detect an intruder from a long distance away. You always need to make sure that you are using the wind so that you do not get detected. You want to see animal before it knows that you are there. Choose your gear wisely! Once that one deer is spooked, you can kiss your chances of a successful hunt goodbye.

There are somethings you can't control when bowhunting

This sport is not easy. That one of the reasons why hunters love to hunt. Nothing is given to you. You have to make sure that you are diligently preparing to minimize any mistakes that might occur. The mistakes that were mentioned above are just a few. I’ve made many mistakes in my day, but these are the most common among hunters. Are there any mistakes that you have made in the past? If so, we’d love to hear about them in the comments.
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