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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Company Spotlight: ASAT Camo

Hunting is a sport where few things are guaranteed, unless of course you are wearing ASAT Camo.

[caption id="attachment_5798" align="aligncenter" width="290"]asat-logo All Season All Terrain Camouflage[/caption] The camouflage a hunter chooses to wear is an individual choice with different factors playing leading roles for different people. One company that believes they have the right camouflage for every hunter, in every situation, is ASAT Camo. ASAT stands for All Season All Terrain, and that motto has driven ASAT camo development over the last 20 years. Their recognizable pattern stands out uniquely in the sea of camouflage that shoppers wade through at sporting goods stores. ASAT touts a pattern based on their brown color palette will offer superior concealment in all situations and locations. After studying animals in the wild they determined there were more brown animals than green, and figured if it was helping animals blend in it would help hunters as well. They looked to the example of elk, rabbits, turkeys, and deer to learn about concealment rather than what other camo producers were doing at the time. [caption id="attachment_5799" align="alignright" width="246"]ASAT's unique camo pattern. ASAT's unique camo pattern.[/caption] The unique pattern of ASAT camo consisting of irregular lines is designed to break up the hunter's outline at all distances, and blend in to any type of vegetation. Other popular camo developers create a variety of patterns such as woodland, prairie, and sage brush to blend in with specific ecosystems. ASAT went a different route and seeks to blend tans, browns, and black in an erratic fashion to conceal the hunter in every ecosystem. Their developers claim that these simple colors are found in every ecosystem. Browns blend to many types of vegetation, the tans are the base layer, and the black is designed to look like shadows. The final advantage the folks at ASAT camo claim their products hold is the one year guarantee. If you don't see more game in the first year ASAT will buy their gear back, no questions. In the competitive market of camouflage, a company that stands behind their product in this fashion should get your attention. So next time you get ready to overhaul your camo duds, plan a hunting adventure to a location where you're not sure what to expect, or add a new item here or there, give the folks at ASAT camo a look. They'll be happy to get you setup for any season, or any terrain.
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