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Company Spotlight: Diamond Archery

If you've ever wondered about the roots of a company that produces some of the most versatile bows in history, you'll appreciate the unlikely story of Diamond Archery.

[caption id="attachment_6595" align="aligncenter" width="233"]Diamond archery history. Diamond bows have a relatively short history, but have become a popular name in the archery industry.[/caption] Over the past few years as I've done more and more writing I've gotten the chance to learn awful lot about the archery business. That isn't to say I didn't used to know my way around, but learning the in's and out's of archery companies has unearthed a lot. What the average archer today may not realize is many different bow manufacturers operate under larger brand names. As companies grow larger they often times buy competing companies, then keep the brand name to keep customer loyalty. A good example of this is the recent Bass Pro/Cabela's merger. Bass Pro will likely continue to sell Cabela's products to meet customer needs. Another such story is the story of Diamond Archery. Diamond Archery got its start in 1996 by two fellas named Josh Halbert and Gary Green. Diamond was on its way to making a serious name for itself in the late 90's and was gaining a dedicated following. However, by 2004 the company was bought out by Bowtech who was looking to expand operations. Ever since 2004 Diamond Archery has operated under the Bowtech brand. The merger with Bowtech didn't spell the end of Diamond archery though, and the name has only grown more popular since then. [caption id="attachment_6596" align="alignright" width="173"]Diamond Edge Bows Diamond Archery made perhaps its biggest splash with the highly adjustable Edge series.[/caption] Arguably the bow that really put the Diamond brand name on the map was the Edge series. These bows were engineered with the adaptability nobody else at the time could touch. I remember shopping for bows during the time when Diamond Edge bows were first introduced and salesmen talked nearly in awe about the highly adjustable bows. He was amazed at how these bows could make huge changes in draw weight and draw length. Although the original Edge series were impressive, the series took a huge leap forward with the Infinite Edge. These smooth shooters were designed to adjust in draw weight from 5 to 70 pounds and in draw length from 13 to 31 inches. My wife happens to shoot one of these bows, and I have several friends who shoot them as well. Everyone I know who shoots an Edge series Diamond bow is more than satisfied with it. Not only are they great shooters, but they offer beginners into archery the luxury of growing into their bow. With two young girls in our house it is likely their first bows with be Diamond bows. Not only will the bow grow with them, it is also an effective enough hunting tool they can take nearly any animal they will hunt. If you yourself have a Diamond bow, and have ever wondered about its history, hopefully you'll now have a better understanding. Although the fledgling company was bought by Bowtech, they have earned a solid reputation by producing highly adjustable bows ever since. NEXT: COMPANY SPOTLIGHT; MUZZY BROADHEADS
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