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Company Spotlight: History of Muzzy Broadheads

Like many tales of success, the history of Muzzy Broadheads shows what a good idea, mixed with grit and determination, can achieve.

These days, Muzzy Broadheads is one of the most popular broadhead manufacturers out there. Their penchant for producing high quality, sharp, and accurate broadheads has earned them a glowing reputation in many archery circles. As with the stories of many businesses, the history of Muzzy Broadheads wasn't a straight shot to the top. Nor was it founded by some tycoon with a silver spoon in his mouth. It all started as a simple idea in the mind of an avid and determined archer. In the late 1970's John Musacchia Sr. was an avid archer with lot on his mind. He was a dedicated archer, father of a young family, and hustling restaurateur in New York. When his second two jobs weren't eating into his time, John spent a good deal of time investing energy into his archery exploits. He was a respected member of the Pope and Young Club, and in 1977 he qualified for senior membership. By that time he was also tinkering with developing his own archery gear. After a trip to Africa, in which his his newest broadhead failed to perform under pressure, John Musacchia decided it was time to develop his own broadhead. As with all innovations, developing the Muzzy broadhead took time to create, refine, and refine some more. Eventually though John was happy with his production and started selling his product. In 1984 Muzzy was founded and the emerging entrepreneur was dead set on convincing the archery world these new broadheads were not some stunt. [caption id="attachment_6570" align="alignright" width="187"]History of Muzzy The unique look of Muzzy broadheads posed a risk many bowhunters eventually took.[/caption] The trouble with the Muzzy broadhead was that it had a different look than other broadheads of the day. In a sport like archery where gimmick equipment simply won't due in crunch time, it took a few bowhunters to take a leap of faith and try Muzzy out. It didn't take them long to realize they had gotten into something good and Muzzy soon became one of the industry's leading names. Watch this brief video to learn more about the history of Muzzy broadheads. Today Muzzy continues to push the envelope year in and year out. In the fast growing archery industry they are still considered one of the top broadhead manufacturers out there. After operating for over 30 years they have learned a thing or two and withstood the test of time. Even though John Musacchia has passed on, his passion for creating quality archery products and customer service still remains alive at Muzzy.

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