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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Company Spotlight: Obsession Bows

If you haven't yet heard of Obsession Bows, the meteoric rise of this company may take you off guard.

Quick, name off the top three bow manufacturers you can think of. Got them? I would wager brands such as Mathews, Hoyt, Bear, PSE, and BowTech may have popped up. These companies have all fought and pushed their way through the competitive world of bow manufacturing to become common names in any archery den. There is one company you likely left off the list. That brand is Obsession Bows. If you pay attention though, you'll see the Obsession brand name getting tossed in with the big boys of the archery world. To be honest there is not much information out there on the history of the company. If you head to their website it simply says their mission is to make the most lethal bow on the market. While they may not be in the running for the flashiest new hunting website, they certainly have made a splash with their outstanding bows. Two of the past three years the company has garnered the Editor's Choice Award from the staff at Outdoor Life. If the folks at one of America's most respected outdoor publications have taken notice, maybe its time you learned a little about this rapidly rising company's lineup. One of Obsession Bows most popular bows is the Defcon series. Their most recent release, the Defcon 6, was one of those award winning bows previously mentioned. This bow has lots of features bowhunters may find appealing. Speed, comfort, and accuracy are all descriptions you'll hear often when you listen to folks who have shot it. Don't take my word for it though, watch this video of shooters at last year's ATA show shooting an Obsession bow for the first time. The look on their faces says it all. These bows are the real deal. Obsession Bows currently has a lineup of bows worth browsing if you've got the itch to buy a high quality hunting bow. In the video you got to watch folks handle a Defcon bow, Fusion, and K series, in addition to a Phoenix target bow. One bow not featured in the video that is highly touted is the Obsession Final Cut. The Final Cut is a tournament bow that has a shoot through riser design. It has a long axle to axle and folks around the web rave about the stability of this bow in your hand. In addition it has an adjustable draw let off if you prefer to hold a heavier bow in your hand. If you are a serious tournament shooter in the market for a new bow you might spend the time checking one out. With their 2017 lineup just hitting the market, chances are good you'll hear more about Obsession Bows in the upcoming future. They may not be in the good old boys club of the archery world, but their bows certainly do impress shooters who handle them. In the future when asked to name the top three bow manufacturers out there Obsession may just find room on your list. NEXT: COMPANY SPOTLIGHT; DIAMOND ARCHERY
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