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Company Spotlight: PSE Archery

Had the founding of PSE gone differently, you might buy a precision VCR from them rather than a precision bow.

[caption id="attachment_6148" align="aligncenter" width="175"]PSE-Archery PSE Archery is one of the top names in the business.[/caption] The year was 1970 and Pete Shepley found himself in a solid career as a product engineer for the tech company Magnavox. By the 1970's Magnavox had established itself as a top producer of home entertainment products. Pete would have been staring down a steady career if he played his cards right. There was only one problem. Pete had a nagging thought at the back his mind. He was a hobbyist archer, and he knew he could improve the compound bows he was shooting. Before long the nagging thought became an obsession and he pulled the plug on his Magnavox career and turned his course to the uncharted waters of archery production. Initially Pete Shepley tried to sell his bow ideas to existing companies. To his chagrin, he came up empty each time. His confidence in himself never wavered and he went all in. If nobody would build his bows, he would build them himself and PSE archery was born. Once he had his design working, success followed fairly quickly. After first showcasing his product at an archery shoot he received orders for 200 bows. Soon numbers would reach 700. This early success ensured that PSE archery would continue in the future. The company currently operates a facility in Tucson, Arizona that takes up a full city block and more than 140,000 square foot of building space. Like all the major archery companies these days the process for making bows at PSE is highly automated but it still takes the hands of many people to churn out PSE bows and equipment. They proudly tout the fact they employ more than 315 people at their production facility. Their employees are also highly productive and produce more bows in that facility than any other building in the world. [caption id="attachment_6149" align="alignright" width="196"]PSE archery makes a variety of compound bows. PSE archery makes a variety of compound bows.[/caption] PSE archery manufactures some of the fastest and most accurate bows on the market today. They recently released the PSE RDX 400 crossbow that is capable of reaching 400 feet per second of arrow speed. Crossbows however still remain a secondary product at PSE and their focus is with compound bows. They make an fantastic variety of compound bows that can fit the needs of any archer. Finally, they don't stop there, and they produce a basic lineup of traditional bows as well, like the PSE Talon recurve bow. As an archery community we should appreciate the contribution Pete Shepley and his son Jonathan Shepley have made to our sport. Not only has PSE archery created a great lineup of products, but they have pushed the envelope in archery design and performance. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a high performing bow than a high performing VCR any day. NEXT: COMPANY SPOTLIGHT: RINEHARDT TARGETS
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