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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Company Spotlight: Rinehart Targets

Reinhart targets make some of the most popular archery targets in the industry today.

[caption id="attachment_6112" align="aligncenter" width="138"]Rinehart targets have always been on the cutting edge. Rinehart targets have always been on the cutting edge.[/caption] Creativity is a hard trait to draw out of people. Why? Creativity involves taking risks, something most folks are unwilling to do. Lots of people are comfortable resting on proven accomplishments. Creativity also requires looking into the unknown for answers. By definition the creative person must travel a path nobody else has traveled. The unknown can be an intimidating place for many people. Although being creative can be a huge challenge for many people, there are a few people who thrive on its difficulties. Great thinkers have always been creative as well as great artists. Another group of creative people who are essential to our country are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs must look at a group of people and create new products or services for those people. Such is the story of Reinhart targets. Although Reinhart targets may be one of the most recognizable names in the archery business today, it hasn't always been so. It took the creativity of founder John Reinhart to reach the success it enjoys today. John Reinhart was just an average archer with a problem. He wanted a quality archery target that would last. In the late 90's when he got started, targets fell apart rather quickly and John was not satisfied. He began to get creative by experimenting with different types of foam. He wanted to create a self-healing foam, a trait he thought would increase the life span of his targets. Reinhart's experiments turned out to be successful and soon he developed the trademark self healing foam Reinhart uses today. The creativity of Reinhart did not end with the foam of his target though. Rather than follow the herd and design targets the same as everyone else, he chose a different path. Reinhart's first 3-D target was not a deer, turkey, or even a bear, but a veolciraptor. Talk about creativity. [caption id="attachment_6114" align="alignright" width="134"]Reinhart Velociraptor target Reinhart Velociraptor target[/caption] Today Reinhart offers the widest variety of 3-D targets on the market. Not only can you get the standard deer, turkey, and bear targets, but they also produce exotics like dinosaurs, zombies, alligators, and even a shiny red apple. Simply put, if you want to shoot it in real life, wish you could go back in time and shoot it, or prepare for the zombie apocalypse, Reinhart has a target for you. Reinhart targets have always been about creativity. It seems to be a core principle at the operation. Anyone interested in injecting a realistic and fun target into their shooting practice ought to give them a look. NEXT: COMANY SPOTLIGHT: BADLANDS PACKS
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