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Cooking Venison Southern Style: Backstrap 2 Ways

If you're lucky enough to have some meat in the freezer this fall, you might try cooking venison southern style after giving this video a watch.

We all hunt for different reasons. Some hunt for fun, others hunt for trophy animals, and still others hunt to carry on family traditions. Whatever reason you hunt for hopefully you are getting the most from your harvest by using as much meat as possible. Venison has a long history around the world, and so also here in America. From the people of the First Nations, to the early frontiersmen and pioneers, more generations have lived off venison than any other meat. If you are fortunate enough to have a bit of venison in the freezer, whether you shot it with a crossbow, compound bow, or gun, you may be looking for some tips on how to prepare it. Sure, we all have our favorite "go-to" recipes, but it never hurts to test some new recipes from time to time. One venison recipe you might give a chance is cooking venison southern style. Here are a few true blue southern boys who put the style in southern style. What a couple of good looking venison recipes. I suppose you put that much bacon, cream cheese, and sauce on roadkill and it would likely taste good. That's beside the point and I'm sure cooking venison southern style either way would be lights out. Early on in the video the hosts hit the nail on the head for any venison recipe. One key to getting tasty venison is in how you prepare it. Taking the time to remove any fat, silver skin, and other connective tissue may take time, but it greatly increase the table fare. When you are ready to start cooking the meat, ensure it is just meat. The more you do that the more you are on your way to enjoying some fine vittles from nature. One other tip to consider when preparing venison is to soak it in milk for a few hours before you apply your marinade. Milk seems to take a bit of the gamey taste out. You may not be bothered by, or even notice, the gamey flavor of meat, but if you are serving it to other folks with a more sensitive palate you might give it a try. Use these few tips on preparation and give cooking venison southern style a try. What do you have to lose? NEXT: 3 SMALL GAME RECIPES YOU CAN MAKE ON SITE
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