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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Crossbow: From Warfare to Sports Event

The crossbow, also known as arbalest, is considered as one of the easiest weapon to use during the medieval era. It is uncertain but the earliest record of its usage was traced in Ancient China during the 4th century BC. The Ancient Romans have their own version, though their design is rough as compared to the ones found in China. This has been used for military purposes from the 4th century onwards. It is easier to use as compared to other weapons, thus used by untrained foot soldiers. It was introduced to England in 1066 by William the Conqueror, and has been used throughout the Middle Age. Its stock was made out of wood up until the mid of 1400, which made it lightweight and can be fired quickly. But by late 1400, the use of steel became popular due to its durability and gives additional strength to the crossbow. The first international target competition recorded was held in Saint Johann in Pongau, Austria on May 26, 1949. Switzerland and Australia competed for the Ehrenpreis der Salzburger Naschcrihton trophy. By 1951, Germany joined the two founding nation and held the 3-nation competition in Munich, Germany. In 1982, the first World Field Crossbow Championship was held in Mikkeli, Finland. Participating countries includes America, Great Britain, Finland, Hungary and Sweden. They were joined by Ireland, Korea, Australia and New Zealand in 1984. This style of archery has two categories: Match and Field. The match is held in a custom-made shooting range with mechanical targets. For a 10-meter competition, the archer is specified a prearranged number of shots from a standing position for 100 minutes. On the other hand, in a 30-meter competition, an archer must shoot from a standing position within 90 minutes, and shoot from kneeling position for another 90 minutes. The target for match has 10 zones. In a 10-meter match, the target measures 46 millimeters in diameter, and the bulls-eye measures 31 millimeters in diameter. In a 30-meter match, the target measures 120 millimeters in diameter, with the bulls-eye measuring at 3 millimeters. In field crossbow competitions, the archer will shoot at individual targets from a standing position. Specific number of shots comprises one round. Each round is taken in 3 sets, and each set is held for 3 minutes. For example, 30 shots (10 sets) are given from 65 meters, 30 shots from 50 meters and 30 shots from 35 meters. The target for field crossbow is either round or square, with ten concentric circles in five different colors. The closer you hit the center of the target equates to a higher score. The target is placed on a wooden stand 1. 3 meters off the ground with a backward tilt of 15 degrees.   Check Out Crossbows For Sale Here
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